Is P Diddy Gay or Bisexual? A Close Look At His Sexuality

P. Diddy stands for Puff Diddy, and his real name is Sean John Combs was welcomed to his family on 4th November 1969. 

A close look at P Diddy's sexual orientation.
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He is an American and is famous for his excellent rapping. He founded a record label of his own in 1993. But before that, he used to work for Uptown records as the talent director. 

He earned more fame when his first debut album was released in 1997 (No Way Out). For this super hit album, he was certified seven times platinum. Unfortunately, the most incredible rapper is called gay sometimes. 

We are here to find out today if P Diddy is gay or bisexual in real life. So come, let’s have a close look at his sexuality.

Why is P Diddy Rumored as Gay?

The rumors that P Diddy is gay have been circulating through the internet for so long. Before 2021 people used to call him ‘gay’ for no good reason. Just because the rapper didn’t even mention his sexuality, everyone suspected him to be homosexual. But the trolling was not intense. 

In 2021 a post of his gave his sexuality speculators a chance to troll him and claim him gay. It happened on the day of the BET awards show in 2021. Lil Nas X performed there, and Diddy’s Twitter praised his performance. As a result, the followers started to make fun of him. 

However, that Twitter post is now unavailable. Maybe the singer couldn’t take the insults and deleted them later. After all these false claims, Sean Combs still doesn’t seem to care about anything and shares his true sexuality. 

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Because everyone should already know P Diddy’s sexuality is straight since the songwriter was married twice and became the parent of 6 children.

P Diddy kids have grown up enough. His marriage life is enough to prove his sexual orientation is heterosexual. So, let’s look at his wives and kids. 

P Diddy’s Ex-wives and Kids Tell Us He is Straight

Sean had many relationships but got married to Kimberly Porter. The couple married in 1994. They lived together for 11 years and shared 3 children, including their daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, and a son Christian. 

But the hip-hop singer got involved with Cassie Ventura in 2007, and in order to marry her new girlfriend, he divorced Kim. The couple split in the same year, and Diddy married Cassie for the second time. P diddy wife Kim died the following year, in 2019. 

From 2007 to 2018, Sean and Cassie lived together but didn’t become parents. The year before Kim’s first ex-wife died, the celebrity ended everything between him and his second wife. 

So who are the parents of the other 3 children? Well, the mother of the other three children is his past girlfriends Sarah Chapman and Misa Hylton. As we can see, the singer never had physical intimacy with a man, which means he is not gay but straight. 

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Final Words

It’s been forever since the rapper P. Diddy made the world accept him as straight. Keeping his sexuality hidden from his followers is what made most people think he might be gay or bisexual. 

However, there are no such reports where he claimed to have a relationship with a guy. Furthermore, he has always dated women. Hence it’s fair to remove doubts about his sexual orientation from now onwards.


Who is P Diddy in a relationship with? 

In 2023 P Diddy’s new girlfriend is Yung Miami, a rapper. He confirmed their relationship and told the media that they met on her girlfriend’s Caresha Please series, and after sharing their past, they decided to stick together. 

Did Jennifer Lopez ever date P. Diddy? 

Jennifer and Sean were a couple back in 2000. They dated for two years. In 1999 the duo began their affair and split in 2001. Diddy admitted to having Jennifer as his girlfriend and showed the media a picture of them that they took in 2000. 

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