Is Eugenio Siller Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality and Dating

Eugenio Siller starred in various famous movies, including Rebelde, Mi Pecado, Una Maid en Manhattan, etc. He was noticed not only for his acting skills but also for his charming appearance.

A close look at Eugenio Siller's sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay or straight.
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His masculine body, attractive eyes, and boxy smiles have made him a crush of thousands of Mexican women. Everything is excellent in the superstar’s life except for the gay rumors.

Although he never mentioned himself as gay, some haters and news websites are like, is Eugenio Siller gay or straight? Well, the answer lies ahead. So, let’s take a close look at his sexual orientation and dating life.

Gossips About Eugenio Siller Being Gay

People whisper Eugenio Siller’s sexuality is gay. However, we can’t believe the comments. This is a comment on the Te Esperaré singer’s sexual orientation. 

So, why would his followers and others think he is homosexual? It’s because everyone knows he is not married, and instead of spending most of his time with women, he spends them with his best friend. 

According to some news portals, Eugenio is currently single, and he is often seen enjoying time with his only best friend. For this reason, gay rumors began to develop. However, it’s not the only reason why his sexuality is being doubted. Another reason is his role as gay in a series. 

He acted in the series named Who Killed Sara? He was gay there. He was asked several times about his sexual interests in playing such a role, but the singer and actor like to avoid this question. Until he gives a clear statement regarding his eroticism, we can’t assume him to be gay. 

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Besides, Siller is also rumored to have dated female celebrities. His past relationships may help us understand “is Eugenio Siller gay or straight?” Let’s take a sneak peek at his dating history. 

Eugenio Siller Dating History

As per the reports, the musician is single in 2022. He has been single since 2016. The Mexican singer couldn’t keep his relationship for more than a year.

He had his first affair in 2007 with Altair Jarabo. As mentioned earlier, he failed to continue the relationship for over a year, so the duo broke up in the same year. 

After a year of a break after his first breakup, Eugenio Siller went into a relationship with Maite Perroni, and unfortunately, the couple split in that same year.

He had his last relationship till now in 2016 with the pretty woman Danna Paola. Unexpectedly they too broke the relationship before 2016 ended. Some thought she was Eugenio Siller’s spouse, but there was no news on Eugenio Siller’s wedding

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It’s pretty sad that this handsome hunk couldn’t keep his girls for long; however, his affairs with only women cleared he is not gay but straight. 

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Eugenio Siller is a talented artist from Mexico. He is mainly an actor but has also sung several hit songs. The outstanding actor was welcomed by his family on 5th April 1981. 

At the beginning of his acting career, he didn’t get offers for films but commercials. Gradually his popularity increased, and so did the opportunities. 

Sadly, he is thought of as gay while he is straight. But not, the doubts about his sexuality are slowly removed from the minds of his fans.

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