What’s Dylan Minnette’s Sexuality? Is He Gay or Straight?

Dylan Minnette achieved success and fame sooner than most actors. He had to struggle less to become a demanding actor. Thanks to his handsome face. He also made his lady fans go crazy for him. 

Let's see why Dylan Minnette's sexuality is being questioned.
Dylan Minnette by Jimmy Fontaine licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Things were fine for his fan girls until they found him supporting the gay community. They naturally began to doubt Dylan Minnette’s sexual orientation. Is he gay? Why does he support LGBT? You’ll get all the answers in this article, so keep reading. 

Dylan Minnette Supports LGBTQ

Did you know that your favorite actor and singer, Minnette, is an LGBT supporter? It may surprise some and shock others, but this is a fact. Dylan’s fans know it well, who have been following him on Twitter for years.

The actor requested his fans to vote for the passing of gay marriage. He shared a post on 7th October 2020 by Chasten Buttigieg, where Chasten wrote,

“just a reminder that overturning #Obergefell (gay marriage) is in the Republican Party’s official platform. Alito and Thomas just signaled their wishes to overturn it, and we already know where Barrett stands on the issue. Please vote.”

Dylan shared the post on his Twitter timeline, captioning, “#VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read about this if you haven’t already!!!!!!!” 

This post misled some fans, who began to think Dylan Minnette was secretly gay. However, it’s ridiculous thinking because the ’13 Reasons Why’ actor hasn’t labeled his sexuality as gay. Until he comes out, we have to believe he is a stray. 

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Dylan Minnette Is Interested in Women Only

Dylan Minnette is straight; he is only interested in women. The actor has publicly dated thrice. His first date was Katherine Langford. However, people had not learned when the duo started and ended their affair. 

His second affair was with Kerris Dorsey. Their relationship lasted for months. The pair started dating in 2014 and split in the same year. Dylan was single for 4 years until 2018 when he found his long-term girlfriend, Lydia Night. 

The pair was in love, and fans hoped to see them together forever. However, the couple sadly ended everything in 2022. Lydia was. First to declare their separation. She posted an Instagram story where she speculated and their final decision. 

She wrote, “I’ve seen a lot of speculation and I’d rather just clarify: Dylan and I have decided to end our romantic relationship. we love and care about each other very much and that won’t change as we enter a new phase of our lives.please respect our privacy during this time.” 

It’s regrettable for both the stars’ fans to know they are no longer together. But the ‘Don’t Breathe’ actor’s true fans know his sexuality is straight, so he only loved ladies. 

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Final Words

Dylan Minnette did an excellent job in 13 Reasons Why as Clay. He is now a global star. For a long time, Minnette’s fans have been trying to know his natural sexuality. 

Here’s the truth, Dylan Minnette is heterosexual. He is only interested in women. His last girlfriend was Lydia Night. The couple broke up recently. Currently, the American actor is single.

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