Is David DeLuise Gay? Which Tweet Fueled His Gay Rumor?

Sometimes we misunderstand celebrities when they share something confusing on social media. We like to assume their private life based on those posts. 

David DeLuise with his loving wife Julia Stoepel. Let's know about his gay rumors.
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If you’re a David DeLuise fan and you’ve heard he is gay at least once, you should check the truth through this article. 

Here we will not only share the reason why his sexuality was misinterpreted but will also tell you how he ended the rumor. 

So without further ado, let’s discover David DeLuise’s sexuality and if he was ever interested in men. 

In 2015 a Fake News About The Older Disney Star’s Sexuality Spread Online

David DeLuise is undoubtedly most of the 90s kids’ favorite. He did outstanding acting in “The Wizards of Waverly Place.” Do you know that in 2015 gay rumor swirled online about David DeLuise? There was even fake news of him coming out of the closet. 

Although made-up stories didn’t bother him much, his fans, who are heterosexual, were disappointed on the matter. So why was he doubted to be a gay man? 

It’s because of his one Twitter post. He wrote, “Happy gay Pride day” on his official Instagram and Twitter. That’s when his straight fans thought he came out. 

Some fans even commented not to support LGBTQ on the comment box of  his Instagram post. A user named _mgb_1038 commented, “People are people. They screw up. The Bible says marriage is meant for a man and a woman. 

Gay marriage is a choice. I choose not to believe in it. But I’m not here to judge. I don’t have to encourage gay marriage if I don’t want to, but I also don’t have to discourage.” 

This shows how disappointed some followers were with David. Another user, asmahanistan, commented, “OMG, you gay?” This is how the doubts were created. But we have already mentioned before that it’s fake news. Why? Let’s find out. 

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David DeLuise Is a Married Man and Has Two Children

David DeLuise proved his sexuality long ago by marrying twice and becoming a father of two children. The first time was in 1994. It was his girlfriend Brigette DeLuise. The couple was a favorite, and no one thought they would soon give up on their marriage. 

David produced two of his kids with Brigette. Their daughter Riley DeLuise was welcomed to the family on 4th August 1993. She is about to cross 30 soon and is a prominent female actress.

Dylan DeLuise is another child of the couple David and Brigette. However, we couldn’t find enough data on him. DeLuise and Brigette divorced in 2003. 

For 15 years, he lived an unmarried life, and while he was single, his Twitter post about gay pride month fueled the gay rumor.

Although he didn’t address the rumor through an interview, he did get married for the second time to pretty actress Julia Stoepel. They tied the knot on 17th October 2019 and are still a happily married couple. 

Final Words

David DeLuise really put himself in trouble by celebrating the gay pride parade online. This immediately sparked a gay rumor as he was unmarried then. However, the doubts cleared in 2019 after he became a husband for the second time to his present wife, Julia.

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