What’s Lizeth Selene’s Sexuality? Which Tweet Fueled Her Gay Rumors?

Lizeth Selene is a prominent name in the entertainment industry. She is both praised and criticized. While her acting skills brought her positive comments, her fights for gay rights brought negative statements. 

One Tweet fueled Lizeth Selene's gay rumors. Let's see, what's her sexuality?
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Today we will share our research on Lizeth Selene’s life to discover her sexual orientation. This article includes reasons for her gay rumors and a discussion on her dating life. So without further ado, let’s get down to the business. 

Lizeth Selene’s Twitter Post, Her Andrea Agosti Role and Cozy Pictures With Female Sparked Gay Rumors

Lizeth Selene’s fans have several reasons to doubt her sexual orientation. She is thought to be lesbian by most of her supporters. Selene’s lifestyle gives gay vibes, so it’s normal for anyone to imagine her as homosexual. 

The character she portrayed in the series “Rebelde” is lesbian. She played the character so well that it felt like she consumed the entire character inside her. This is one of many reasons for her fans to get confused. Another reason is her raised voice for the LGBTQ community. 

The actress posted “Gay Rights!!!” on 8th January 2022. It intensified gay gossip even more. Besides, whoever checks the pretty actress’s Instagram will find her cozy pictures with women. However, they are all celebrities. So it’s hard to understand if she’s straight. 

On this pride month in 2022, she uploaded a photo holding a rainbow flag. She smiled brightly, and the caption said, “for always being the free and happy soul and body, happy pride!!! 🤍.” All this created many scopes for people to think Lizeth Selene is gay. 

Has Lizeth Selene Labeled Her Sexuality? 

The model and actress Lizeth hasn’t labeled her sexual orientation. She has not come out as gay or confirmed herself as straight. Depending on her character in the Rebelde, we can’t assume she is lesbian. 

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Many heterosexual stars have played homosexual roles, and Selene could be like them. According to a trusted source, she is gender fluid. So there’s no way to assume her sexual label. 

Lizeth Selene Keeps Her Dating Life Under Wraps 

Since the “Bankrolled” actress keeps her sexuality a secret, media and fans continue checking her updates to see who she picks to date because it’s simple to find out a person’s sexual orientation by looking at their sexual interest. 

Sadly, we couldn’t find her to be in love with anyone. Her Instagram and Twitter account is about her lifestyle, not her love life. So, until Lizeth Selene comes out as gay, bi, or queer, we are bound to believe she is straight. 

Final Words

Lizeth Selene knows well how to puzzle her fans regarding her sexual label. She remains silent but keeps supporting the gay community. The actress also kept her romance a secret. 

Even if she is dating anybody, it’s impossible to understand that by just keeping yourself updated with her social media accounts. We will inform you if there’s any update on her love life or declaration of her sexuality.

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