Is John Ducey Gay? Discovering His Sexuality and Love Life

John Ducey is an American actor, writer, and producer best known for his work on TV sitcoms. He has appeared in numerous popular shows such as “Will & Grace,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” and “The Big Bang Theory.” 

Here is everything you need to know about John Ducey's sexuality and gay rumors.
Image source credit: John Ducey’s Instagram

Ducey has also written and produced several TV projects, including the comedy series “I Hate My 30s.” His increased fans have a question, “is John Ducey gay?” Misunderstanding his sexuality has become a common thing. 

So why do people think John Ducey could be gay at first glance? What’s his actual sexual orientation? Let’s discover more about his life partner. 

John Ducey is Straight

Like other celebrities, John Ducey heard his sexuality rumors. There are various opinions about him, and a group of people promoting the actor to be gay.

But they lack evidence. John Ducey never said he was gay. It’s because the ‘Wheels of Fortune’ actor has a wife and a lovely child. His wife is Christina Moore. The couple married in 2008. 

He has a daughter. But the actor didn’t share any information about her. But he often shares pictures of his daughter. 

On 19th December 2022, John uploaded his daughter’s photo with two other children, captioning, “How the family celebrates your Christmas movie. #ibelieveinsanta #netflix.” 

Also, on 26th December, he shared the image of his oldest daughter where he and his wife Christina were kissing her. He wrote, “Christmas Wishes & Christmas Ki*ses From our house to yours. Merry Everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️.” 

How Gay Rumors Sparked About John Ducey? 

We think the saddest part for a celebrity is to hear that they look gay when the truth is they are straight. You can ask any average Ducey fan why they think John could be gay. They will say it’s his face. Yes, he appears to be a little gay. 

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Besides, it’s known that he is a supporter of LGBTQ. He even wore a rainbow t-shirt to support the LGBTQ+ community. Besides, he sometimes posts photos of him posing like a gay man.

John Ducey knows about all the rumors about him, but he never bothers; his wife and children are the strongest evidence of him being straight. 

Final Words

John Ducey has reached thousands of people worldwide with his ‘I Believe in Santa’ movie. He and his wife have now become more popular. It’s because the film’s co-star is his real-life wife. 

Still, some always try to claim the ‘Lady Driver’ actor is gay. But we all know that a gay guy can’t marry and live with a woman for over a decade and have three children.

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