Is Maddie Ziegler Gay or Bi? Find Out Her Actual Sexuality

Maddie Ziegler fans panicked when they saw the pretty girl ki*sing another girl! Yes, this happened in a film where she played a gay role. Her gay partner in the movie is Jenna Ortega. 

Everything about Maddie Ziegler's sexual orientation.
Maddie Ziegler by Pansvalnac licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But we also know that she dated men in real life. So actually, what else happened that her supporters are newly curious about her sexual label? Here’s some shocking news. We’ve explained everything, so keep on reading. 

How Did Maddie Ziegler Gay Rumors Fuel? 

Maddie Ziegler isn’t gay, yet rumors tell that she is into women. But how was this rumor created? Well, the two reasons people doubt she is gay are her film ‘The Fallout’ and her closeness with her best friend, Lilia. 

In the film, she and Jenna Ortega had passionate ki*ses, and her natural acting is to blame for confusing people.

Besides, a leaked snap video showed that she and Lilia were ki*sing. But the video is verified by none of the celebrities. 

Moreover, Lilia made several posts where she openly admitted missing the ‘Dance Moms’ actress and even wore her bathrobe.

All this became a significant matter that some fans couldn’t help but think Maddie Ziegler could be gay. When they hang out, they act like romantic partners. 

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But Guys, she hasn’t announced her sexual orientation, gay or bisexual. Maddie ensures not to speak of this. She doesn’t like labels. These days, women’s best friends getting cozy is gay. Most female friends h*g and ki*s their best friend. 

Without her declaration, we can’t promote Maddie Ziegler as gay. Also, we believe the ‘Ballerina’ actress will not open up about her sexual label as she is anti-racism and anti-sexualism. It’s proven by her Twitter post on 31st May 2015. She wrote, 















RETWEET if you don’t judge!”

Hence, she will not come and clarify her sexual label as heterosexual. It’s because identifying her as straight will hurt her lesbian fans. So, is there a way we can understand the ‘West Side Story actress’ sexual orientation? 

Of course, if we discover her sexual preference, we will understand whether or not she is gay or bi. 

Maddie Ziegler Always Picked Men to Date 

Maddie Ziegler is open about her romantic life. She has openly dated guys, so it’s simple to understand that she isn’t gay but straight. Maddie Ziegler had a public affair with Jack Kelly for over a year. 

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He is Part Kelly’s son. They met and fell in love in 2017. Sadly the pair broke up in the middle of 2018. There are several romantic pictures of the two swirling online to this day. 

Singer Eddie Benjamin was her second boyfriend, and it’s known. Maddie even posted their romantic photo on her official Instagram. She called her boyfriend ‘The Best Friend.’ 

The pair met and began dating in 2019. The pair recently broke up. Hence, as of February 2023, Maddie Ziegler is single. But hey! Maddie Ziegler’s sexual preference is men. Since she loves opposite-s*x people, Maddie Ziegler is definitely straight by sexuality. 

Final Words

Maddie Ziegler and her passion for acting brought her this far. She is now a global star. The pretty actress started dating in her teen life. 

She had two boyfriends and recently broke up with her last partner Eddie Benjamin. 

Some internet articles may try to convince you she is the opposite of straight but never trust them after you’ve learned the truth.

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