Is Leonardo DiCaprio Gay or Bisexual? Look at His Sexuality

A close look at Leonardo DiCaprio's sexuality and gay rumors.
Leonardo DiCaprio by Christopher William Adach licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We definitely love to call a person gay who gets intimate with a same-sex person. What if I tell you that Leonardo DiCaprio’s sexuality is doubted for the same reason? 

You probably already know about this, and so you’re here to learn if what you guessed is right. Is Leonardo DiCaprio gay or bi? Don’t forget that he was linked to many female stars in real life. Pretty confusing, we know. 

That’s why we’re here with all his personal information, including data on his romances. Please bear with us until the end to discover the actor’s sexual orientation. 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Kissing Men in Movies Made His Fans Doubt His Sexual Orientation

While Leonardo DiCaprio has not played a gay character in any of his movies, there may be scenes in which he kissed another man.

One such scene may be found in the 2011 film “J. Edgar,” in which Leonardo DiCaprio portrays J. Edgar Hoover, the founding director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the film, Hoover and Clyde Tolson, portrayed by Armie Hammer, are romantically involved. There are also instances in which DiCaprio and Hammer kiss, yet it is unclear what kind of relationship they have.

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The 1995 movie “Total Eclipse” also features a kiss between DiCaprio’s character and another male.

There is a scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, French poet Arthur Rimbaud, and David Thewlis’ character, poet Paul Verlaine, kiss. These kissing scenes fueled his gay rumors. 

We should mention that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t announce his sexuality as gay or bi. He is straight and has several affairs with high-profile women, especially women younger than 25. Please look at his dating life and see how much Leonardo is into women. 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Famous Relationships

Leonardo DiCaprio has become a household name with his breakthrough performance in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” at just 19.

He has been associated with numerous famous women throughout the years, including the models Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, and Erin Heatherton.

Rihanna and Blake Lively, among other actresses, have both been linked to him in rumors. But DiCaprio’s alleged attraction to younger women has drawn attention to one part of his dating life.

Even though he has dated older ladies like Toni Garrn and Kelly Rohrbach, most of his lovers have been considerably younger. For instance, in his late 40s, he dated the 23-year-old model Camila Morrone.

Some have criticized DiCaprio for this tendency to date younger women, stating that it creates a problematic power relationship and promotes social ideas that women are valued exclusively for their youth and attractiveness.

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Others have defended his decisions by emphasizing that both parties are adults and that age differences in relationships are not necessarily problematic.

Whatever the ‘Titanic’ actor’s choice is, it’s clear that he likes women, not men. So, it’s safe to assume Leonardo DiCaprio is straight. 

Final Words

Many straight actors have played gay, bisexual characters. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. Although the roles he played are not always called gay directly, the behavior does prove they are. 

Remember that he turned down a movie offer just because the character was openly gay. It means he has issues portraying open gay characters, which tells why? 

Of course, it’s because he is straight and doesn’t want people to misunderstand his sexual orientation. Sadly, people still speculated it wrong. As he was always involved with women in real life, trusted sources say DiCaprio is heterosexual.

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