Is Tim Curry Gay or Bisexual? What’s His Sexuality?

Timothy James Curry is professionally known as Tim Curry and is a British singer and actor. He achieved popularity after playing the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the movie named “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 

What's Tim Curry's sexual orientation? Did he have any gay partners?
Tim Curry by Images Alight licensed under CC BY 2.0

At just 27 years old, he gained success as an actor. But after suffering a huge stroke in 2012, the actor quit acting but started doing voice acting. He now uses a wheelchair to move. Luckily, he can speak well. 

Tim Curry is one of those actors who didn’t get married in his lifetime. It’s the biggest reason people still doubt his sexuality, and they are often seen searching for, Tim Curry’s sexuality.

They want to know whether Tim is gay, bisexual, or straight. Let’s discover together his sexual orientation here. 

Tim Curry’s Sexuality

Celebrity fans are always interested in the sexuality of their favorite star. Every day, people search to know the sexual orientation of the personality they love. Tim’s supporters also search and want to know, if Tim Curry is gay, bisexual, or straight.

Here we are to reveal the truth. Let us go straight to the fact that Curry is straight. Several fans and reporters misunderstand his sexuality because he is not married. But Tim is not the only celebrity who chose to stay unmarried. More of the superstars are unmarried.

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What's Tim Curry's Sexuality?
Tim Curry by Images Alight licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s foolish to think a person who is not married is gay or bisexual. Because most unmarried celebrities have had several relationships. Tim Curry was also in many relationships with women. 

The actor’s love life was pretty interesting. Although he tried to keep his affairs private, some of his affairs became open secrets. He dated many charming ladies. 

Another reason for considering him homosexual could be the gay role he played in Clue,” whose name was Wadsworth. Curry says it’s okay to appear as gay in movies and shows while being straight. So, who did Tim Curry date? We will know next. 

Tim Curry Had Many Affairs

Tim Curry dated several pretty ladies; however, only two of his relationships were highlighted. In 2005 the first time Tim Curry was spotted with Marcia Hurwitz, an American agent. The couple dated for three years but broke up in 2008. They share no children. 

After breaking up with Marcia, Tim soon involved himself with another woman, a Russian model named Marina Drujko. It is unknown when they ended their relationship. 

After getting paralyzed in 2012, Curry is still single. He is actively working as a voice actor. Curry has been loved by his fans from an earlier stage of his career, but he is loved more after getting sick.

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Yes, there are haters as well who spread such fake news like he is gay, but his supporters are always there to defend him.


Tim Curry has numerous fans who are in deep love with him. While some haters are speeding lies about his sexual orientation, his true fans are looking for the truth because they know whoever is making such dumb news, such as Tim Curry is gay, or bisexual, is nothing but a bunch of losers.

He is a favorite obsession of many women because most of them already know he is straight. 

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