Is Nathan Fillion Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Nathan Fillion, a Canadian-American actor, played various chief roles in many hit series and movies. That includes Mal, Firefly, Castle, The Castle, Serenity, The Suicide Squad, etc. 

What's Nathan Fillion's sexuality? Is he gay or straight? Let's see.
Nathan Fillion by Genevieve licensed under CC BY 2.0

But for one film, ‘Outing Riley,’ his sexual orientation is doubted by many of his followers. What do you think after watching the movie? Is Nathan Fillion gay? It’s, of course, challenging to learn that without proper research. 

That’s why we are here. We dug deeper into his life and discovered whether Nathan Fillion is straight or not. So brace yourself because you’re about to learn the fact today. 

Is Outing Riley Movie Actor Gay?

When the Outing Riley movie was released, it became a box office hit. This comedy genre film’s story is about a gay guy who belongs to a Catholic family. It showed how he came out to his family and how the family members handled him. 

Nathan Fillion is one of the main actors in the film. Although he didn’t play the gay part, his presence in the film created doubts in his supporters.

But is he really gay? Verified sources say Nathan Fillion is straight. He addressed the gay rumors saying he is not gay. 

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Nathan Fillion Addressed to the Gay Rumors 

Nathan Fillion was silent at the beginning when gay rumors about him just began spreading. But when he learned that fans constantly look for answers, he addressed the gossip. He told a host in an interview that he is not homosexual. 

Fillion said, “I think it’s perfectly fine for someone to be gay and to play a straight character, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think it’s more of a reflection of our society that people are so quick to assume that someone is gay because they play a gay character.” 

He meant that whichever actor plays a homosexual role or even a heterosexual role in a film is assumed as gay, and he thinks that it’s not right. He also said that people should not talk about a person’s sexuality and let them be whatever they want to be. 

Have Nathan Fillion Ever Dated Guys? 

The Castle actor lived all his life like a straight person. His dresses and behaviors have been manly. Also, many paparazzi cameras took his pictures but never took an image of him romantically engaged with a man. 

Since he was not romantically linked with guys. However, the ‘Firefly’ actor had affairs with some high-profile ladies, which is also good evidence that he is straight. He even got engaged to one of his ex-girlfriends Vanessa Marcil. But they soon broke up. 

Fillion was last romantically linked to Krista Allen. Since he keeps things more low-key these days, it’s hard to know whether the two are still together in 2023. Some news varies in information about their relationship. 

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Final Words

Nathan Fillion is a versatile actor who doesn’t mind playing any character for the sake of a good story. So he acted in the film ‘Outing Riley,’ which is based on a gay guy from a Catholic family. 

After the film’s release, all cast members were criticized, and their sexuality was doubted, including Nathan Fillion. But ‘The Rookie’ actor isn’t gay. He didn’t like his fans questioning his sexuality label. 

He was in several affairs with prominent ladies and was once engaged to his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil.

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