Was Freddy Fender Gay or Bi? Look at His Sexuality

Many country song lovers mourned when Freddy Fender died in October 2006. However, the singer is still in the hearts of his followers. With his death, he left people with many unanswered questions. One of them is about his sexuality. 

Let's see what was Freddy Fender's sexual orientation. Was he gay or straight?
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Was Freddy Fender gay or bisexual? You will finally get the answer today. We looked at the legend’s private life and other personal facts. Here’s what we discovered about Freddy Fender’s sexuality label.

Was Freddy Fender Gay? 

Was Freddy Fender gay, or was he bisexual? This question can appear in your head out of curiosity. But no, this American singer was neither gay nor bisexual. He was so busy with his career that he didn’t even think about sharing his sexuality. 

He began to get famous in the 1970s, and journalists used to ask celebrities about other personal matters instead of sexuality.

It’s because most stars of the 1970s and 1980s were straight. So there’s no recorded evidence of Freddy Fender admitting himself as bisexual or gay. 

Freddy Fender Was Straight Since He Was Married to a Lady  

Before Next Teardrop Falls, the singer was attracted to women. He may have dated several ladies before marrying, but he never revealed who his girlfriends were. 

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However, Fender did reveal the woman that he was married to and made him a father. He was married twice and divorced once with only one lady. She is Evangelina Muniz. They were a loving pair before officially getting wed in 1957. 

Their first marriage lasted for 5 years. In 1963 they split. They reunited and tied the knot again in 1976. This time they lived 30 years together until 2006 when the legendary singer passed away in October. 

The pair became parents of four lovely children. Unfortunately, there’s less information about their children. The pair’s 4 children are Daniel Huerta, Maria Ann Huerta, Gracia Tammy Loriane Huerta, and Baldrmar Huerta Jr. 

Final Words

Freddy Fender was indeed a legend. He made many hit songs in different genres, including country, Tejano and rock, and roll. In 1975 he reached the peak of success after releasing the music Before the Next Teardrop Falls.

Freddy Fender’s sexuality was straight. Although he didn’t declare his sexual orientation as straight, he didn’t come out as gay or bi. Experts have assumed he was heterosexual after learning he married only one woman for years and became the father of her 4 children.

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