What’s Tevin Campbell’s Sexuality? Did He Come Out as Gay? 

Recently everyone is like, what’s Tevin Campbell’s sexual orientation? Because the ‘Can We Talk’ singer, who used to get triggered whenever someone asked him about his sexuality, seems to open up his sexual interests slowly. 

Is Tevin Campbell gay? A close look at his sexuality.
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As a celebrity, he was questioned several times about his sexuality, but instead of answering, he got pissed every time. Finally, he seems to tell the world what everyone is waiting to know. Today, we will discover if Tevin is gay and did Tevin come out as gay by checking his Twitter profile. 

Why Did Tevin Campbell Delete His Tweet?

The Grammy Award-nominated Tevin came out as gay. This year he tweeted about his sexuality. One of his fans claimed to have seen that post, but before the person could collect any proof, he deleted the post. 

A screenshot about Tevin Campbell sexuality details.

Luckily, that follower managed to take a screenshot of his profile, where he added the rainbow flag and shared the story on his Instagram page.

Tevin Campbell suddenly put that rainbow flag emoji on his profile right after deleting the tweet. This led his fans to think he opened up about his true sexuality. Soon that screenshot went viral, and everyone began to ask, whether Tevin Campbell is gay or not.

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Tevin Campbell's Tweeter profile picture.

He answered this question in 2015 in an interview with a magazine called I Love Old School Music. 

He said, “I’m not gay, but there are a lot of different things that I do like, sexually. Being in the business, you are introduced to a lot of different things. I’m not gay but I’m a freak, and I think a lot of people know what a freak is.” But this isn’t a recent statement. 

The R&B singer kept quiet each time he was asked to tell his supporters how he labels his sexual orientation. But since 8th March 2022, Campbell has kept that rainbow flag on his Twitter profile. Later many news reporters tried to contact him and invited him for interviews, but the singer didn’t accept any. 

He might just have wanted to come out and have no more questions regarding what he had already shown the world. This is why some believe he is gay, and others do not. The “I’m Ready” singer didn’t even get married, making more people think Tevin Campbell’s sexuality is gay. 

What Does Tevin Campbell’s Relationship Prove About His Sexuality?

Campbell is always pretty secretive when sharing his personal life on social media. He usually posts pictures, and you rarely find any girl or boy with him. However, a lady named Erica was seen with Tevin in a few pictures. 

But the star never mentioned her as his girlfriend or wife. Some speculations say he is secretly having an affair with Erica. They took close photos for which the fans started to believe that they were dating firmly. He first posted his picture with Erica on his Instagram, wishing her her birthday. 

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But it’s been a long since he posted on Instagram with Erica or any other man or woman. Some say they broke up, and others say they were only friends. 

So it’s pretty confusing to assume his gender orientation, but if we take his verified Twitter seriously, we must believe he is gay or supports gay people. 

Final Words

While most singers came out as gay without hesitating, Campbell seems to be still fighting inside. He made his sexuality a mysterious thing to everyone. His past statements tell the singer is not gay, but his Twitter profile tells the opposite. 


Who was Tevin Campbell’s Girlfriend? 

Tevin Campbell has always tried to keep his personal life as hidden as possible. He doesn’t share any images or events for which it’s hard to know whether or not the R&B singer dated anyone. 

However, his followers speculated about him well and discovered he was once very close with a woman named Erica. 

He posted a picture with her, both close and smiling at the camera. He provided a long caption and wished her a happy birthday. 

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