Was Frank Sinatra Gay? What Was His Sexual Orientation?

Frank Sinatra has made a special place in the entertainment world. He is still famous, and people still have several questions about the star. A common one is ‘was Frank Sinatra gay?’ 

What was Frank Sinatra's sexuality? Was he gay or straight?
Frank Sinatra by IISG licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The answer is simple: Frank Sinatra wasn’t gay; he was straight. But not every fan will easily believe that as he played two gay movies. When we analyzed things, this is what we found. 

Let’s learn about his sexual orientation and more about the films that made some people put gay allegations against him. 

Frank Sinatra Gay Movies Fueled Rumors

The legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra was not always pressed but also criticized. Most people liked his movies; some hated him for portraying him as gay in two films. Even some fans claimed the actor was gay since his gay acting skills were unimaginably good. 

There are two particular movies of Frank; in none of them, he acted as gay. The most famous one is ‘The Detective.’ He is not gay in the movie.

However, he is the detective who works to solve a murder case of a gay man. He is straight in the film but goes to gay bars and other places to solve the case. 

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Earlier in 1945, a film called “Anchors Aweigh’ was revealed, and the New York Times called it a gay musical movie. Other magazines called it a gay naval story.

However, neither Frank nor Kelly was gay in it. They played the role of two sailors who eventually fennel love with the same woman. Since they fall in love with the lady, it’s clear that they aren’t gay in the film. 

Of course, the movie has a lot of gay comedies, and this is the reason why people get confused. The reality is actor Frank Sinatra wasn’t gay. If you look at his personal life, you can only find women. Let’s take a glance at his romances. 

Frank Sinatra Was Straight and Only Married Women

Although Frank Sinatra never disclosed his sexual orientation, it’s easy to assume he was straight. 

Even if we don’t talk about his relationships, his marriage life alone is enough to help us understand that he was straight. 

The ‘My Way’ singer was married 4 times, and all his wives were females. He also was the father of three children. The table below has information about his marriage and kids. 

Final Words

Frank Sinatra was a true singer and actor. He is no longer on this planet, but it didn’t affect his fame. He is still considered one of the legendary celebrities. 

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Sadly he was misunderstood as gay. It was all a misunderstanding. Some haters spread the news of his coming out through the film, ‘Anchors Aweigh.’ But in the end, you’ll find him falling for the opposite-s*x. 

Frank Sinatra was straight; he had several affairs with many famous female stars and married 4 ladies. If he were gay, he would have married at least one guy, but he didn’t do it.

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