Is Calum Scott Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Calum Scott is gay and he was dating Sam Smith.
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Calum Scott didn’t have to struggle much to attain fame and opportunities. He earned a standing ovation from judges and fans by signing on the ‘Britain’s Got Talent show’s audition. He sang ‘Dancing on My Own,’ the modified one. 

Capitol Records knew he was passionate about singing inside, so they signed him to sing for them. Eventually, he earned more fame by giving many hits, and as his fans grew, curiosity about his sexuality increased. 

Hence, if you are ready to learn about the singer, let’s get to know, is Calum Scott gay? Let’s get started to have a close look at his sexuality. 

Calum Scott’s Sexuality

So, is Calum Scott gay? Yes, he is, and he knew it from his teenage times. But he shared it late with his family and close friends.

Calum had a gay friend who gave the singer courage to speak to his family about his sexuality. So, at age 15, he finally told his parents and friends to keep his gay friend with him. 

Surprisingly his family accepted his sexuality and a few of his close friends. However, his other close friends stopped contacting him. They broke the friendship, which broke the singer’s heart. Calum told the Gay Times about his experience of coming out as gay for the first time. 

Calum Scott said, “I had a lot of troubles with my sexuality growing up, and long story short, when I was in my early teens I was trying to understand what it was I was going through, I confided in a group of my friends. I was abandoned by it at an early age.” 

This was why he kept his sexuality hidden from his supporters for a long time. But after becoming a celebrity, he found that fans wanted to know his true sexuality.

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Hence, he decided to come out to his followers as well. After coming out, he was accepted by his music lovers, which removed the burden from his heart. 

So, the singer thought to tell his fans the story of his coming out in his single No Matter What. Although Calum only gave a live performance singing the song, he got positive reactions from his followers for this song. So he regretted not releasing it and told the Attitude magazine

“I played it in America to thousands and thousands of people and to just see rows and rows of people crying, hugging their parents, on their own screaming and just really relating to the song, it was so magical.”

Since Scott is gay, everyone is more interested in knowing who he is Calum Scott’s boyfriend? The singer fell for a straight man and got rejected. 

Then he went into a relationship with Sam Smith, his fellow Artist. However, he doesn’t want to get involved in love with a star anymore. Now, he wants an ordinary gay man to love him. 

It’s hard for Scott to manage his free time, so he wants someone in his life who will always be free for him, and whenever the singer gets time, he can spend time with his lover. Until he finds that particular one, he will remain single. 

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Calum is a charismatic singer. Not only is he good at singing, but also looks. He is so handsome that most of his followers are women. Sadly after knowing the truth about his sexuality, he broke many ladies’ hearts.


Does Calum Scott have a brother? 

Calum is the older child of his parents. After giving birth to his sister Jade Scott, Calum’s parents split. So he has no brother. 

What is Calum Scott’s gender? 

Calum’s gender is gay. He came out as gay when he was a teenager. But this fact was revealed later to their world after he gained huge followers.

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