Is Usher Gay or Bisexual? Did Usher Come Out as Gay?

Usher had a passion for singing from his teenage years. When he shifted to Atlanta with his family at the age of 14, he made a place in the show ‘Star Search’ and gave an excellent performance. He was noticed by LaFace Records and got a contract for singing. 

Is Usher Gay or Bisexual? What's his actual sexuality?
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Usher came up with his hit song in 1994 when he was only 15. After 10 years, his album ‘Confessions’ got so popular that it sold over 1 million copies within the first week of its release.

In 2012 he released the album ‘Looking 4 Myself, which took the no.1 place on U.S. Billboard’s album chart. Everything was going fine in his life, and he even got married.

Suddenly he began to get lawsuits, and one of the lawsuits made people question his sexuality. He left many confused, and if you are one of them, we will expose the truth to you. 

Let’s find out if Usher is gay or bisexual. When did Usher come out? We are about to check facts and get answers together. So, let’s get down to it. 

Is Usher Bisexual or Gay?

Usher never came out as gay or bisexual. Still, his sexuality is being doubted. Usher has been busy trying to save him from lawsuits because he was accused of having sexual intimacy with three people and infected them with a sexually transmitted disease called ‘herpes.’ 

The main reason for asking, “is Usher gay, straight or bisexual?” is Usher’s sexual relationship with a man. A man named John Doe claimed he had intimacy with Usher, and the singer didn’t tell him about the disease he was carrying. Now, John Doe has the same disease. 

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According to the victim, he had sexual contact with Usher in 2012 and 2013. While the singer already knew he had a disease that could infect others who had sexual contact with him, he hid the facts from all the victims, including John Doe. 

When the news of Usher having a physical relationship with a man went viral, everyone assumed he was bisexual. However, Usher is silent when asked about his sexual orientation; we all can understand he is not straight, especially after knowing he and a man had sex. 

Before he faced a lawsuit for John, everyone knew he was straight, but his ex-wife Tameka Foster claimed Usher is a gay who has been acting as a straight person.

In one of her Twitter posts (which was soon deleted), she said, “Gay men who are pretending to be “straight” should wear “bright wristbands” to identify themselves.”

Still, we can’t be so sure that Usher’s sexuality is gay. There is still a chance for the singer to prove himself innocent. Until then, we have to keep assuming Usher is bisexual. 


While Usher’s fans and media are still confused about his sexuality, the singer chose to remain silent. The confusion began to pop up after a piece of news broke out which said Usher had physical intimacy with a guy. 

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Still, it’s a mystery whether he actually had a sexual relationship with a man because it’s just a claim. We hope the truth will soon be disclosed, and you will, of course, know when it’s disclosed.


Is Usher single? 

No, Usher is currently dating Jenn Goicoechea since 2019. After divorcing his second ex-wife Grace Miguel. He was also married to Tameka Foster, who he divorced after 2 years of marrying her. 

How many babies does Usher have? 

Usher is the biological father of four children. He became the parents of his wife and girlfriend. 

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  1. What does it matter? Are you planning to have sex with someone famous?.. If a person decides to keep his/her sexuality to themselves, that’s their business. The truth is if someone in the entertainment business comes out as gay or bisexual.. They may lose some fans but will gain a whole lot more.

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