Was Elvis Presley Gay or Bi? What Was His Sexuality?

Singer Elvis Presley’s name was a common thing in headlines. Sometimes with praise and other times with critics. He was criticised chiefly for his involvement with women and men. He couldn’t live a life of loneliness. 

Here is everything about Elvis Presley's sexuality. See whether he was gay, bi, or straight.
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The singer used to confuse his fans with men and women who knew him personally about his sexual orientation. Was Elvis Presley gay? We took a look at people’s opinions who were close to Presley. Let’s see what his girlfriends had to say about him. 

Elvis Presley Wasn’t Gay as the Rumors Say 

A superstar’s life is filled with various rumors. It’s the same for the legendary singer Elvis Presley. He was interviewed many times and answered several questions, yet the singer couldn’t save himself from gay rumors. 

Elvis never came out as gay or bi, but he also never mentioned his sexuality to be straight. This is the primary reason that, to this day, the question remains, “was Elvis Presley gay?” The singer had some feminine characteristics in him. This was a known fact, and so naturally, everyone doubted. 

If you’ve watched Austin Butler as Elvis Presley in the film “Elvis,” you’ll see his feminine side. But when we checked deeply, we found nothing suspicious that would portray him as gay.

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There were rumors that Elvis Presley had physical intimacy with a guy. However, it was never proven. Instead, there is numerous proof of him dating various women. 

Numerous books are written about him where it’s clearly stated that he couldn’t spend an evening without a woman. Some authors say, “Elvis busied his evenings with various girlfriends.” Next will learn about some of his girlfriends who were famous for dating him and what they said about Elvis Presley. 

Here are Some Women That Openly Dated Elvis Presley

Anne Helm 

This Canadian actress was the most famous girlfriend of Elvis. She even made comments on the legend’s preferences. She said that Elvis “really liked s*x. I had fun, and it was special.”

According to Anne, the “Can’t Help Falling in Love” singer gifted her a yellow nightie, and she used to wear it often before having s*x. 

June Juanico 

She was another girlfriend of Elvis. The pair dated for some time and broke up. In an interview, she was asked how close she was with Presley, and June said, “I will not say what happened between us. It is personal.” 

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill acknowledged Elvis and her affair in an interview. She said that they were a couple and got romantic but never had ever got physically intimate. She said Elvis ki*sed her body to her belly button, making her naked. But he didn’t agree to have s*x with her ever. 

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Many books and interviews on him direct us that Elvis mostly had s*x, but only a few refused. However, he did enjoy all his girlfriends’ appearances.

This tells us Elvis Presley used to like women, not men. Hence it dismisses all gay rumors against him. Elvis Presley was 100% straight and was always involved with ladies. 

Final Words 

Elvis Presley left us long ago, but his impact on the music industry still exists. Since he was a global sensation, fans were so curious about him. 

His sexuality was significant since some of his activities were less masculine, but he was also romantically involved with ladies. 

In the end, the truth is Elvis Presley was straight. It’s even hard to count the women that he slept with. This not only proves his straight sexuality but also that he was a playboy of the 1960s and 70s.

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