Is Chandler Massey Gay? Why is His Sexuality Being Questioned?

Chandler Massey was famous even before entering the entertainment world. It’s because he is the son of prominent political person Lewis Massey. So he has already caught the attention of many directors. 

Let's see what's Chandler Massey's sexuality.
Chandler Massey by Greg Hernandez licensed under CC BY 2.0

With his first work, Chandler Massey gained fame. No one used to think he could be gay till he started working in ‘Days of Our Lives.’ He has a husband there. They did many intimate scenes. So is Chandler Massey gay? Check the article to know. 

Chandler Massey is Gay in ‘Days of Our Lives, Not in Real Life 

Watching your favorite actor, Chandler ki*sing, and getting all romantic with another guy would make you uncomfortable. 

It will start to hurt if you’re a straight lady. It’s a nightmare for Massey’s fangirls to see him having a romance with another man. So is Chandler Massey really gay in real life? 

There are various episodes where it’s hard to believe that Chandler is heterosexual. Especially the 8th June episode. The story was reshared from his official fan page. 

The caption says, “Sonny talks about missing Will and Ari as she is still in school, Will thinks it won’t be long, and Sonny says they need to meet Wills’s family at the pub, and Will says they can wait and ki*ses his husband.

At the Brady pub, Marlena, Roman, Kate and Lucas are there to greet them #Wilson #Days #ChandlerMassey #WillHorton #ZachTinker #SonnyKirakis.” They added several pictures of the episode, and both the actors gave complete gay vibes. 

But hey! The truth is yet to be revealed to you. Chandler Massey is dedicated to his actor and tries to portray his character right. In real life, he is not interested in men but women. An analysis of his dating history will help you understand. 

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Chandler Massey and His Ex Girlfriends

Chandler Massey is not gay in real life; instead, he is straight. That’s why he has an attraction toward women and not men. He was romantically linked with several well-known and pretty ladies. 

But he was mainly spotted dating Tristin Hagen. In 2018 Massey made Tristin and his affair official by attending the Emmy Awards.

It was their first, and last red carpet debut as the ‘Next Stop Christmas’ actor decided to make things low-key later. 

Hence, nobody knows when they broke up. In 2021 the news came that Massey was dating Stephanie Bennett. He posted a picture of her online and captioned it with all his love.

Sadly he deleted his Instagram, and thus the image is no longer available. Currently ‘Heart of the Matter’ actor has fan pages. 

Final Words

Chandler Massey is the son of famous politician Lewis Massey. Since he was already a star kid, it was easy for him to begin his career in the entertainment industry. 

Chandler is mainly prominent for playing Will Horton in ‘Days of Our Lives.’ He is gay there and has a husband. But I’m real life; he is straight and has only been in relationships with females.

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