Is Boris Becker Gay? His Sexuality and Dating History

Boris Becker is a legend. He has fans from 1980, 1990, 2000, and the 21st century. He is proud of Germany since he brought many world champions to his home. 

Boris Becker's sexuality and gay rumors revealed.
Boris Becker by Sven Mandel licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But do you know he was also famous for his personal life issues? The favorite tennis player couldn’t be with one female for longer. He changed many girlfriends. 

Why do you think he had to go through so many breakups? Is Boris Becker gay? Or is there another issue? Here’s the answer. 

Boris Becker isn’t Gay 

The German’s former talented tennis player isn’t gay. If you have ever heard anyone claiming this legendary player to be known or you’ve read it on a website, understand that all of them have lied to you. 

This German tennis player has never announced that his sexual orientation is gay. Generally, some websites and people spread false stories about celebrities to get attention. Hence without seeing any evidence, don’t trust anything that you hear. 

Like most other stars, Boris Becker has always avoided speaking of his sexual label. But we can assure you that Boris Becker is straight.

After analyzing his several romances, we know he is into women. Next, you will learn about all the ladies that Boris Becker dated. 

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Boris Becker Was in Limelight Several Times for Having Many Affairs 

Boris Becker’s several relationships with various prominent and ordinary women direct us to the answer we seek. Boris Becker is ultimately into women like every other straight guy. 

Karen Schultz 

Karen Schultz was their first open relationship with Boris. However, it was a short-term relationship. The couple dated for months and then broke up in the same year. 

Cassandra Hepburn

After breaking up with Karan, Boris immediately enters a relationship with Cassandra Hepburn. Like the previous affair, the German tennis player dated his girlfriend for months and then split in 1992. 

Barbara Feltus 

The legendary tennis player quickly picked another lady to date. Her name was Barbara Feltus. The couple dated for over a year and tied the knot on 17th December 1993. 

The pair became parents of their first child, a son, on 18th January 1994. They named him Noah Gabriel. Their second baby was born on 4th September 1999. Feltus and Becker’s marriage ended in 2001, and the reason was Becker’s extramarital affair. 

Angela Ermakova 

She is a Russian waitress. Boris Becker hooked up one night with her and made her pregnant. She gave birth to his daughter Anna. Initially, he tried to deny the child, but later he admitted the child was his. 

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Alessandra Meyer-wölden 

Alessandra was the daughter of the youngest Wimbledon winner’s adviser and manager. He had a short-term affair with her for a couple of months back in 2008. 

Lilly Becker 

She is a Dutch model. Sahrlely and Boris Becker dated and even married on 12th June 2009. The pair then welcomed a child named Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker on 10th February 2010.

They were a lovely couple till May 2018, and the ending was a split. Although they are still not legally divorced, the couple no longer lives together. 

Layla Powell 

In 2019 Boris Becker confirmed his relationship with his then-new girlfriend, Layla Powell, a British model. But there needs to be more information about their affair. The ATP Championship series winner eventually broke up with her after some months. 

Lilian de Carvalho Monterio 

As of 2022 Boris Becker is dating model Lilian de Carvalho Monterio. The pair have just announced their breakup. So it’s assumed that they are still a pair in 2023. 

Final Words

With all these ladies in life, Boris Becker should never be acknowledged as gay by anyone. It’s evident that he likes women, and maybe he is too much into them. Hence he must be straight.

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