Is Benoftheweek Gay or Straight? His Sexuality Revealed

Isn’t it fun to watch Wineoftheweek all day long? We know it is. Since he is super funny and talented, it feels great to watch his videos. 

What's  Benoftheweek's actual sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Image source credit: Benoftheweek’s Instagram

Do you also doubt Benoftheweek’s sexuality? He sure does some activities that gay guys usually do. Besides, he sounds a little womanly, right? So is he gay? This article will reveal his sexual orientation. 

Also, let’s see how Benjamin feels when people comment on his high vocals. So let’s get started. 

Here’s Why Fans Are Confused About Benoftheweek’s Sexuality

Whether you are an old fan of Benjamin or a new one, it’s hard for all of us to make us believe that Benoftheweek is straight. He is not masculine enough and has a high voice for anyone to understand him as gay. 

Besides, the YouTuber does a lot of childish stuff, influencing rumors. There are many Q&A videos of Benjamin, but he does not discuss his sexual orientation.

If you visit his Instagram account, you will find many pictures that will lead you to think he has some feminine vibes inside him. 

But this doesn’t prove him to be gay. In one Q&A video, Benjamin said he would get bullied in school for his less muscular activities and high voice.

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He immediately meant that his then-friends used to tease him by calling him gay or something similar to this. Benjamin then said those friends were stupid. 

His calling those people stupid and showing anger clears that he did not like people calling him gay. Of course, he skipped questions relating to his sexuality, as always.

But we can still understand that Benoftheweek is straight because he doesn’t recognize himself as any other sexual label. 

What Does Benoftheweek’s Love Life Hint About His Sexual Label? 

We know Benoftheweek will not easily talk about his sexual orientation. It’s because he has various sexual people following and supporting him. Since it’s a sensitive matter, he ensures to avoid it. 

But what does his love life hint to us about his sexual level? Well, sadly, he doesn’t date anybody. For years paparazzi have been trying to capture him dating someone. However, they are failing. Benoftheweek is not interested in having a relationship now or soon. 

He has been very focused on his works from the beginning. When he found out many people were interested to know if he was dating anybody, Benjamin De Almeida made a prank video in which he said he was dating everybody watching the video. 

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Well, we don’t need any more evidence to believe Benoftheweek straight. Since he doesn’t recognize himself as gay, rather than get angry at someone next to him in his high voice, his reactions are enough to tell that he isn’t gay. 

Final Words

Benoftheweek is indeed a funny YouTuber. It’s hard not to laugh when enjoying his videos. His childish reactions and funny activities helped him gain quick worldwide popularity. But with growing fame comes more personal questions. 

Fans are always curious to learn if Benoftheweek is gay. Although he avoids answering it, he proves himself straight by criticizing those who made fun of his voice and feminine attitude.

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