Is David Muir Gay or Bi? Who’s David Muir’s Dating Partner? 

A rumor has been whirling for many years, about David Muir’s sexuality. Whether a lover or hater, whoever knows him is always curious to know his sexual orientation. People have been speculating about his sexuality online. 

Everything about David Muir's sexuality and dating partner.
David Muir by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

According to some, he is gay, and to others, Muir is queer. But shouldn’t we look for evidence before believing in such claims?

Hence, stay with us to discover whether or not David Muir is gay and why didn’t David Muir get married. Let’s begin the exploration. 

David Muir Kept His Personal Life Private, Which Resulted In Gay Rumors

Muir is thought to be gay by thousands of people because there is too less information about his personal life. It’s hard to determine whether he is dating a girl or a man. As he never shared pictures with women, it intensified the gay stories. 

The ABC News reporter has a worldwide fan base, and different supporters have assumed his sexuality differently.

According to some, he is gay, and so there is no dating proof of him with ladies. However, he is not gay because if he were, the news would have been spread by ABC news as he is a news reporter. 

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David Muir is Also Not Bisexual

A picture went viral of David and his close buddy. It’s a selfie as the reporter doesn’t generally share photos of others other than him; seeing Muir with a guy sparked bisexual rumors. But after digging into his life a bit more, we discovered that man is his best friend. 

Some abusive comments in David Muir's Instagram post create gay rumors.
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As best friends, they often hang out, join parties and take many selfies. Although he rarely shares pictures with his friends, we should understand that no one can hide their best friend at least.

So, without his declaration, we can’t think of him as bisexual because that particular person is his close friend. 

Who is David Muir’s Dating Partner? 

Women and gay men are more interested in Muir’s life than straight men. He became the crush of thousands of ladies and homosexuals for his attractive attitude and eye-catchy handsome appearance.

Their interest in him made him keep looking for the answers about David Muir’s sexual orientation and dating life, Well let’s see what is David Muir’s sexuality and who’s his present dating partner.

David Muir with his close friend. Many people think Devid has a dating partner.
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The hardworking journalist is not gay. Muir kept his love life under wraps. No one can tell who he has dated. He was never caught up in cameras in an intimate moment with a woman or man. Hence it’s hard to tell who David Muir’s dating partner is. 

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What Does David Muir’s Sexual Interests Tell Us About His Sexuality?

As David Muir is always secretive about his sexual interests, we have to look at what the paparazzi have to show us. If the paparazzi were able to click him with someone, we might assume his sexuality.

Moreover, the charming journalist didn’t even marry anyone. For this reason, some even think he may be an asexual, a person who has no sexual interests.

However, this isn’t the right way to determine a man’s sexual orientation. The main reason for his lonely life can be his career. 

Muir is one of the few news reporters who worked from day to night. For the sake of his followers, the man tried to get reliable news for his whole career.

He was so busy, and everyone knew it. We think this can be a big reason for him not spending time with a lady. Also, he may have a girlfriend, but we don’t know because most celebrities date secretly. 

Well, the reason can be any, but without him confirming his sexuality, we are no one to assume or judge. We shouldn’t judge David and call him gay until he speaks about his interests. It’s better to believe him straight than gay since he gives a manly attitude. 

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It’s pretty rare for a journalist to become a celebrity. Muir is one such news anchor. There is no denying that whoever looks at him and hears him for once falls in love with him. Although the charismatic guy doesn’t share his sexuality, it seems he is straight.


Are Kelly Ripa and David Muir friends? 

David Muir and Mark Consuelos are excellent friends. They often get together and attend events. Kelly Ripa, Mark’s wife, also became a close friend of Muir. 

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