Is Todd Chrisley Gay or Bi? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Is Todd Chrisley gay? This question isn’t a recent one. For over a decade, rumors have been spreading that the celebrity is gay. His business partner from the past accused him of having a sexual affair. This was the time when the rumors about his sexuality intensified. 

What did Todd Chrisley say about his sexuality? Is he bisexual?
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He was also sued for federal charges and tax evasion. But in 2012, he managed to prove himself not guilty. Finally, this year the court proved he did fraudulent activities.

But the queries are still coming is Todd Chrisley gay or bisexual? We will learn it after taking a close look at his sexual orientation. So, without further ado, let’s begin the discovery. 

Is Todd Chrisley Gay? Why His Business Partner Accused Him of Sexual Abuses? 

Todd Chrisley and Mark Braddock were business partners for over a decade. In 2012 they broke the partnership. Until the two were working, Mark didn’t open up about being sexually abused by Chrisley. 

According to Braddock, he and Todd had physical intimacy back in 2000. They were in a relationship. He also stated that he was told to keep the affair a secret so that Julie Chrisley, the wife of Todd, stays unaware of all this. However, the real-estate tycoon denied all the accusations. 

Braddock also said he kept his mouth shut until blackmailers began to send them threatening texts. The ex-business partner of Todd said he had no other options left but to take legal action since Chrisley wasn’t taking care of the situation. 

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After hearing such news, the supporters of Todd Chrisley have asked, ‘is Todd Chrisley gay? Well, his lawyer was successful in proving that there happened no physical intimacy between Todd and Mark; also, Chrisley has a wife named Julie. 

These are enough to give us a hint of his sexuality. Todd Chrisley’s sexuality is straight. Except for the Braddock, nobody else has ever accused the real-estate tycoon of having a sexual relationship. Moreover, his wife Julie also believes that his husband hasn’t done anything like it. 

Todd Chrisley’s Sexuality Is Sometimes Misinterpreted As Bisexual

After Todd’s followers got to know the news about his business partner alleging him to be sexually involved, bisexual rumors were created. But he was later proven innocent. 

The sad fact is after it was proven that Chrisley and His ex-business partner Braddock were not physically involved, the bisexual rumors didn’t vanish. Todd’s son Chase Chrisley is also rumored as gay.

Todd Chrisley is straight and not bisexual because he openly talks about his wife and has her beside him as a wife and as the present business partner. 

However, the couple is now in crisis. They are sentenced to 30 years after being proven guilty of tax avoidance and fraud. 

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Final Words

Todd, the host of the show “Chrisley Knows Best,” was accused of many illegal acts. The first accusation was having a sexual relationship with a man who was his ex-business partner. 

Fortunately, he was not found guilty. However, later in 2019, the man was accused again of not paying taxes on federal charges. The litigation continued for two years, and finally, he was found guilty in June of 2022.


What happened to Todd Chrisley? 

Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley, are the celebrities on the television show “Chrisley Knows Best.” They were found guilty in June 2022 on federal charges, including bank fraud and tax evasion. 

Are the Chrisleys a real family? 

Yes, Chrisley is a real family. Todd Chrisley lives with his wife Julie, and they welcomed three children together. However, they have 5 children in total. Julie, the second wife, has adopted two more children from Todd’s past families. 

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