Was Jeffrey Dahmer Gay or Bisexual? Sexuality Revealed

What was Jeffrey Dahmer's sexual orientation? Was he gay or bisexual?

Between 1978 and 1991, American serial killer and s*x offender Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys. He was well-known for brutally murdering his victims and engaging in acts of cannibalism and necrophilia on their bodies. 

Dahmer was arrested in 1991 and ultimately given 16 multiple life sentences; however, in 1994, a fellow prisoner beat him to death. His crimes stunned the entire world and are still being researched and examined by criminologists and psychologists.

So, was Jeffrey Dhamer gay? Was he sexually attracted to men only? We checked his interviews and discovered the truth. Here’s everything we learned.

Evan Peters acted as Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. From then Evan Peters’ sexuality is also being questioned.

Jeffrey Dahmer Was a Gay

Although some sources have speculated that Jeffrey Dahmer may have been bisexual, he was identified as gay. 

Since it is unclear how Dahmer’s sexual orientation may have affected his crimes, it has caused a lot of study and debate. 

Still, it’s crucial to remember that Dahmer’s criminal behavior and mental health problems, not his sexual orientation, led to his killings.

Jeffrey Dahmer Recognized Himself as Gay in Interviews

In his written declarations and interviews with law enforcement officials, Jeffrey Dahmer acknowledged being gay. He admitted to the police that he had struggled with his sexuality all his life and had been drawn to guys since his youth.

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He also said that he killed guys after luring them to his flat with the promise of s*x and that his need for s*x contributed to his crimes.

During interviews with law enforcement officers, Jeffrey Dahmer admitted that he had been drawn to guys since he was a teenager. He realized he would frequently talk about s*x publicly and that his attraction to guys was powerful.

Dahmer admitted to killing men after inviting them to his flat with the promise of s*x and claimed that he frequently drugged the victims before killing them in his police confession.

In addition, he acknowledged storing some of his victims’ body parts as souvenirs and engaging in sexual acts on their bodies after they had died.

So, there’s no doubt that Jeffrey Dahmer was gay; however, his sexuality wasn’t the reason for doing crimes but his mental issues. 

Final Words

Was Jeffrey Dahmer gay? Yes, he was. The notorious serial killer of America was sexually attracted to same-gender people. 

He even admitted to finding black gay men the most attractive to him. He killed many gay men and later became involved in sexual activities with the dead bodies. His sexuality did not affect killings, but his mental health was.

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