Was Danny Kaye Gay or Bisexual? Addressing His Sexuality

A close look at American actor Danny Kaye's sexuality and see if he was gay, bisexual or straight.
Danny Kaye by Fernando Pereira licensed under CC0 1.0

These days having gay friends is normal. But back in the 1950s, it was something shocking and widely unacceptable. Some of you may already know that Danny Kaye had a close gay friend, and he was actor Laurence Olivier. 

Their friendship spread rumors about Danny Kaye’s sexuality, and some writers falsely claimed that Kaye and Olivier even privately dated for 10 years. There is more to know about the made-up stories and Kaye’s sexual orientation. Please keep reading to find out. 

Danny Kaye’s Close Friendship With Gay Actor Laurence Olivier Sparked Gay Rumors

According to some, Kaye’s close friendship with the openly gay actor and director Laurence Olivier, as well as his love of playing in drag and his talent for portraying feminine characters in several of his performances, may have led to the allegations.

Writer Donald Spoto who wrote the book ‘Laurence Olivier (HarperCollins)’ claimed that Danny was privately involved in a romantic relationship with his gay friend Laurence. This fueled the rumors of him being secretly gay. 

But when an English journalist, Terry Coleman, checked Lurence’s letters for years, he found no proof of the affair. Of course, we shouldn’t believe anything without evidence, so you mustn’t listen to rumors suggesting Danny Kaye was gay. 

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Danny Kaye’s Romantic Involvements with Only Women is the Evidence that He Was Straight

Sylvia Fine, a writer, and lyricist was Danny Kaye’s wife from 1940 until 1948. Fine was Kaye’s long-standing partner, producing many of the director’s movies and TV shows together. Dena, a daughter, was their only child; she was born on 17th December 1946.

He was also romantically involved with another lady named Eve Arden. She was an actress. His relationship with Eve was the reason why Fine, and he got divorced.

Despite rumors and speculations over Kaye’s sexual orientation, there is no hard proof that he had any interactions with men. Kaye kept his private affairs hidden as much as possible from the public. 

Final Words

Danny Kaye wasn’t gay. He was heterosexual. His affairs with women clarify the rumors. Danny was different from most actors, so he didn’t mind having a gay friend. 

Although he was criticized for being a good friend to the openly gay celebrity Laurence Olivier, some considered the two a couple. However, none of the stars accepted the rumors, and no evidence was found to support the claim.

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