Is Markiplier Gay, Bi or Straight? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Markiplier is the username of the famous gamer and YouTuber Mark Edward Fischbach. He began his YouTube career on May 26, 2012. In the beginning, he used to post gameplay videos, and he first made gameplay videos of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Markiplier by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But now, he makes various videos, including indie, gameplay commentary, action, survival horror games, and film production videos. He was born an American and had Korean ancestry. 

Generally, he makes videos on the gameplay and makes funny and interesting comments. People love the way he teaches and explains games. Markiplier has over 34.7 million subscribers right now on YouTube.

Most of his fans are not only interested in his gaming but also in his personal life. His fans want to keep themselves up to date about Markiplier. 

After analyzing Google, it’s found out that people even ask when and why Markiplier had surgery. Another commonly asked question about Fischbach is if he is gay or bisexual. And what’s his actual sexuality?

We will know about his sexuality today, and we will tell you who Markiplier’s partner is. So, let us explain things to you if you are ready.

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Is Markiplier Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?

If you carefully notice Markiplier, you will not see him doing stuff that a homosexual does. He walks and talks like a straight. However, we cannot take a person as gay or straight just by judging his activities only.

The biggest thing that can help us understand a person’s sexuality is to which gender the person is attracted. If you have seen some recent videos of Markiplier, you would have found him playing with a woman.

Believe it or not but that lady is the love of his life. They are a happy couple and are mostly seen playing games together and making interesting comments about the games they play.

She is Amy Peebles Nelson. Fischbach and Amy Peebles were first seen together in 2016 at VidCon. However, they didn’t say anything about their relationship. 

Although they officially declared their relationship quite late, they also made things clear to people from an early stage of their affair. We will know more about their love life later, but now we need to focus on Markiplier’s sexuality.

Markiplier by Count3D Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Of course, he is not gay since he has a girlfriend, but Markiplier is also not bisexual. Because no one has seen or heard of Fischbach being close with someone of the same-s*x, he seems to have a friendly relationship with both men and women.

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Markiplier is often seen doing and speaking silly things, and in a few YouTube clips, he even laughed and acted like a girl, so some of his fans thought him gay. But almost every YouTuber who makes gameplay videos talks silly and does silly things.

Since Markiplier has a huge fan base, he has many haters as well. They spread rumors like Fischbach is gay or bisexual, while the truth is Mark Fishbach is straight.

Markiplier and Ammy’s Relationship

Mark and Ammy have been dating for an extended period, but they were pretty secretive, too, from the very beginning. It took pretty long for them to come up with the truth in public. It’s unknown why they didn’t speak about it before 2021. 

Maybe they were not ready and felt shy. Whatever the reason is, now it’s an open secret that they are couples.

Amy Peebles posted a video on her YouTube channel with the title “How Mark and Ammy Met ” in 2021, where she was present with Mark. The duo said a lot of things about how they met.

Also, she posted on her Instagram in 2020 saying, “5 years, so we’re allowed to be a Lil corny!”

In 2016, Amy appeared in Mark’s YouTube video; a Don’t Laugh Challenge. Later, she was often present in Markiplier’s videos, including the one where she put makeup on Mark’s face.

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Mark Fischbach posted that video in 2017 with the title “Girlfriend Does My Makeup.”

The title indicates that they were having an affair in 2017 or earlier. The couple still makes amazing videos together, and it seems like they will not give up on their relationship easily. The couple is serious about love.


Markiplier is one of the most successful YouTubers of the 21st century. It’s obvious that people would ask questions like, is Markiplier gay, bisexual, or straight?

And so, we are with the truth and evidence of Markiplier being straight. He is not just a straight person but a talented guy.

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