Is Ari Shaffir Gay? Who’s Ari’s Dating Partner in 2023? 

Well, a celebrity’s life is full of gossip. Whether it’s about their family, love life, career, or sexuality. For an extended period, some rumors have been spreading widely about Ari Shaffir. Some people are calling him gay and adding proof to support their claims. 

Ari Shaffir's sexuality and dating life details.
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We know trusting some posts that are not posted from verified sources is not trustable. Hence, this article reveals the truth about his sexuality and dating life. You will know, so sit tight and begin to read further. 

Fans Thought Ari Shaffir Has a Boyfriend, and That’s How the Gay Rumors Started

A story has been surfing online that Ari has a boyfriend. His followers have not made such rumors without any hints. The great comedian has given some clues which made his supporters believe he is in a relationship with a male.

It divided the internet into two groups: one said ‘Ari Shaffir is gay’ and the other said ‘Ari Shaffir’s sexuality is straight’, and the first claim is false. 

Which group do you think is right? Well, there will always be gossip and assumptions about celebrity sexuality. Well, we believe the comedian is straight because he never appeared with men or never took the gay get-up.

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Although he often talked about having a boyfriend, the audience must understand he said that to make people laugh. 

Is Ari Shaffir Dating In Real Life?

In real life, Shaffir is very strict. The star has been single for a long time and kept his relationship timeline private.

At the same time, he was not seen with a woman, as he was never caught on camera with a man. He might be romantic or not, but one thing is must, Ari doesn’t prefer sharing his personal life with the media. 

Shaffir’s lifestyle is like a general straight guy, so there is no room for doubting his sexual orientation. He is still single in 2023.

Besides, some reports claim he was once married to a sweet lady named Merryl, and they even became parents. But Ari never confirmed his marriage with Merryl. 

Final Words

Ari is a comedian who likes making people laugh but does not let them enter his private life. He maintains his career and personal life well enough that it is still under wraps even if he is dating anybody or married someone. However, Shaffir’s secretive personality doesn’t prove him gay.

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