Is Boy George Gay or Bi? Who’s George’s Present Dating Partner? 

The real name of Boy George is George Alan O’Dowd. The singer was noticed by Malcolm McLaren mainly for his different dress. With the help of Malcolm, George got the opportunity to perform with a team called Bow Wow Wow. 

Boy George's sexuality is gay. Let's see who's Boy George presently dating.
Boy George by Andrew Hurley licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He had a stage name back then, Lieutenant Lush, but the gay singer couldn’t continue with the group since he was having issues with the lead singer Lwin.

The Boy soon left Bow Wow Wow and created his band. He, along with other members, named the group Culture Club. 

He made many hit songs with his band and eventually earned fame and fans. Due to his dress was considered gay, and the ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me’ singer said he was bisexual.

So what is the actual sexuality of the singer? Let’s discover whether Boy George is gay or bisexual and who is his present dating partner.

Boy George Changed His Statement About His Sexuality: Said He is Gay and Lied About Being Bisexual

There is nothing new for the superstar to hear criticism for his styles. Wearing make-up and girly dresses have always made him someone people laughed at. Since everyone didn’t know his label of sexuality, they thought he was weird or gay. 

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As he wrote most his songs, the Ex-Culture Club lead singer thought no one would accept and feel the lyrics of a gay song creator.

However, it made him feel guilty many times, so he slowly let the world know that his previous statement that he was bi was a lie. The truth is, Boy George’s Sexuality is gay. 

In one interview, he opened up by saying, “I used to say I was bisexual, which is a lie, and I felt really bad about it. I’ve always wanted to be a great songwriter, but a gay songwriter who can write gay love songs that really affect people and make them realize there is no difference – love is love, pain is pain.

Is Boy George Dating Anyone? 

Not only Boy’s sexuality but his love life was speculated about. He found his Instagram account filled with many texts where most followers asked him if he had ever dated. The singer didn’t give a broad answer.

He only mentioned him as single and threw a challenge to his supporters, saying if anyone wants to change his relationship status, the person has to be excellent. He posted in 2015. The androgynous style icon then never assigned anything relating to his love life till today. 

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Final Words

Everyone knew Boy George was gay, but he lied to the whole world. He felt pretty hesitant to share his true sexuality but maybe every year, coming out of many celebrities has helped him to feel okay and tell his fans who he was all this long. Currently, he no longer works with the Culture Club. 

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