What Did Tyler Perry Say About His Sexuality and Gay Rumors? 

Tyler Perry was born in America on 13th September 1969. He is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. Perry became famous for making various styled films, including five-stage productions and orthodox movie-making. 

What Did Tyler Perry Say About His Sexuality and Gay Rumors? Is he gay or straight?
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He created several stage plays for ten years, from 1990 to 2000. He even made many television series, including Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, which became a big hit.

He worked in making numerous films, TV series, etc., and was listed as the highest-paid man in the entertainment industry in 2011. 

How can such an outstanding and busy man get rumored? What did he do to be called gay, and what did Tyler Perry say about his sexuality and gay rumors? No matter how many questions you have regarding this legendary filmmaker’s sexual orientation, we have your back. So, let’s explore together the truth behind the made-up stories. 

A Rumor that Tyler Perry is in a Relationship With Tyler Lepley Made-up Gay Stories

The director was considered a straight personality until he met with Lepley and took him in his show Perry’s The Have and The Have Nots.

People believed Lepley’s sexual orientation and accepted him as gay. Hence when Perry starred him in his play, some made-up gay stories about them and made it viral online. 

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Both tried to avoid false claims, but the speculations were increasing, and they had to face a lot of trouble. When Tyler Lepley understood that the situation was going out of control, he decided to speak about it. In an interview with Yee, he finally opened up about their sexuality. 

Lepley said, “I came out on a Tyler Perry show, and for whatever reason [Perry] gets a rap like that, and I know Tyler personally, and he’s not gay. I was seen around him, and all of a sudden, ‘he’s rubbing off on me,’ and people felt like I was gay or something like that.” [Source: YouTube] His statement is enough to prove Tyler Perry is not gay. 

Tyler Perry Was Reportedly Living Together With His Ex-girlfriend Gelila: It seems His sexuality is straight

Besides, Perry was married and had girlfriends. Although his marriage didn’t stand long, his relationship did. A long-lasting relationship with Bekele made many think Tyler Perry’s wife was Gelila Bekele. Tyler Perry’s child is from Gelila. 

Gelila was married before she began to live together with Perry. In 2006 she got divorced, and that was the time she bloomed.

The following year Tyler and Gelila met at the Prince’s concert, which soon turned into a relationship. In 2009 the couple went public and stayed together till 2020. According to some reports, the duo is still in contact as friends. 

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Final Words

Tyler Perry focused on his career more than anything else in his whole life. He worked so hard that it paid him off well enough to make him one of the highest-paid people. Still, he tried to share his social and personal life with the supporters. 

While all his social media followers knew he had a girlfriend and was enjoying parenthood, some spread false information about the producer for not knowing him well. Fortunately, Tyler Lepley revealed Perry’s sexuality and let the world learn he is straight.


Is Tyler Perry still married? 

Tyler was never married in his life. However, he had a long relationship with famous models, including Tasha Smith and Gelila Bekele. The couple began to date officially in 2009 and broke up in 2020. 

Who does Tyler Perry have a child with?

Tyler’s ex-girlfriend is Gelila, who he has lived with for 11 years. The duo didn’t get engaged or married but lived together like a usual couple. Bekele gave birth to their only boy Aman Tyler. 

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