Michael Strahan; is He Gay or Bi? What’s His Actual Sexuality? 

Michael Strahan and NFL retired and became more loving as a television personality. It’s like he was made for hosting hit shows. He hosted several demanding shows, from famous morning shows to popular game shows. 

A close look at Michael Strahan's sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay or straight.
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Strahan had a wife and lived his life like every other usual man. However, he is unfortunately called gay. Why, in his 50s, Michael’s sexuality is doubted?

There are stories behind it. Let’s investigate together and discover where such a rumor has come from and why it’s still swirling online. 

Michael Strahan Is Most Probably Not Gay

People ask, “is Michael Strahan gay?” out of curiosity. The chance of Michael could be gay is too low and there is less possibility of him coming out soon.

For a long time, he kept his mouth shut about sexuality. However, in 2006 an incident happened and he was charged with cheating on his wife with a man. To stop people from calling him gay, the famous American host admitted he is not gay.

Michael Strahan’s Wife Accused Him of Having an Affair with Dr. Ian Back in 2006: Can He Be a Bisexual Then? 

The Good Morning America host’s sexuality has been under speculation since 2006. It’s because his ex-wife Muggli mentioned on the accusation file that he had a relationship with Dr. Ian Smith.

Who is famous for co-hosting the show, ‘The Doctors’. She also mentioned that Michael left her and shifted to a one-bedroom apartment for Ian. 

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That is when the doubts began to spark. Most people thought he had a sexual orientation with Smith and was keeping it a secret. Michael avoided answering questions regarding living in Smith’s apartment, which intensified the confusion about his sexual orientation. 

Moreover, Jean Muggli filed another case against him where she accused the football player of physical abuse. This led people to believe he might have lost interest in women and began to have feelings for men. However, soon such a claim was dropped. 

Besides, his support and raising his voice for the LGBTQ community became another valid reason for fans to think he might be gay. When things started to get messy, he finally talked with HBO’s Real Sports, and in that interview, he said, “I’m not an adulterer. I’m not gay. I mean, I didn’t beat anybody.” 

Also, if we look at the love and marriage life of this legendary host and football player, we will find him having intimate moments with women only. Michael also explained to the Daily Mail that he loved his wife so much that he couldn’t abuse her physically.

Till now, reports don’t support the news that Michael Strahan is gay; instead show proof of the fact Michael Strahan’s sexual orientation is straight according to our analysis of his personal life. 

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Final Words

Strahan is one of the celebrities who doesn’t like to distinguish people depending on someone’s sexual orientation. Every single person on earth is not the same.

He thinks depending on how he treats people relies on how he will work for everyone. That is why he supports gender equality and is not gay.


Does Michael Strahan have a love interest? 

Strahan is a romantic guy and has been in many relationships with several beautiful and high-profile women. In 2022 he is not single. The girlfriend he is in love with now is Kayla Quick. 

How old are Michael Strahan’s twins?

Michael is a dad of four children, of which two are twins. The names of the twin daughters are Sophia and Isabella. In October 2022 both his daughters turned 18 years old. 

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