Was Kevin Samuels Gay? Why People Keep Asking About His Sexuality

Kevin Samuels was an image consultant. This career did bring him not only success but also fame. He was great at giving inspirational speeches, which he turned into a way of giving people comfort and earning money. 

What was Kevin Samuels' sexuality? Was he gay or straight?
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Samuels had clients he used to talk to to make them feel better. His clients were encouraged through his words and gained self-confidence. He made relationships easy and more understandable. 

As an advisor, he earned much respect, but one day an unusual event happened for which he was disrespected. The media people kept asking whether he was gay or not. In this article, we will not only reveal his sexual orientation but will also explain everything related to his sexuality.

Kevin Samuels Addressed Gay Rumors With the VLAD TV

When Kevin was asked about the scene where he was online, and then suddenly the recording cut and showed a man sleeping on a bed, and then again the scene returned to Samuels, he answered wisely. 

Before he directly explained what happened, he was pretty disappointed with the gay rumors and said some words against people who share hate speech against gay people. He thinks calling someone gay is a way of insult, and this needs to stop. 

He also told the host that it’s annoying when people try to ruin the reputation of a well-known man by calling or presenting him as gay. The image consultant claimed that some people were trying to prove him homosexual to spoil his reputation. 

Then Samuels explained why there was a sudden picture of a man sleeping on the bed in his video. He told the host, “but then you can have a show where I have a zoom line where you can click on zoom if you’ve ever been on the zoom call when someone pops up their photo is there. And people can switch their photos and things like that. 

But I also use another software where it’s their photo comes up and they’re in a green room they’re photo like I am looking at is a kind of grayed out and if you’re running a show and you click the wrong button, something could come up.That person’s photo can be their, that person’s picture can be there.” [Source: YouTube]

It means that a picture of a man napping on the bed became a part of his show for clicking the wrong button on software like Zoom. He also addressed himself as heterosexual. He cleared it; Kevin Samuels’s sexuality is straight. 

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Kevin Samuels Was Reportedly Married Twice, Which Hints Us He Was Straight

Although Samuels never opened up about marriage, some verified reports claim he married twice. Both his marriages ended in divorce. According to some verified news portals, he became a father of a daughter who is now an adult. 

But who was he married to? or who is his daughter? No one knows the answers to them. Kevin was rumored to have dated many Instagram models, especially Brittany Renner. He posted photos with her, and the followers sparked dating rumors. 

This information is strong enough to hint to us he was straight. It’s because he was rumored to have a relationship or marriage with ladies and not guys. So we can say he was straight and interested in women. 

Final Words

Samuels was an outstanding adult YouTuber. He used to advise people to improve their relationships and dating life. The legend lived for 56 years and was a straight man.


Has Kevin Samuels passed away?

Kevin Samuels died on 5th May 2022. He had a heart attack and immediately died at a place in Atlanta. He went on a date with a woman, became sick, and passed away. 

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How many times was Kevin Samuels married?

Kevin Samuels didn’t get married in his entire life. However, he had several relationships. According to some, he married twice and then split with the two wives, but he never confirmed that he was a married person. 

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