Is Dennis Rodman Gay or Bi? A Close Look at His Sexuality

Dennis Rodman has changed a lot. This former American basketball player’s confidence went beyond his imagination by visiting the gay community. He wasn’t like this before mixing himself up with homosexual people. 

What did Dennis Rodman say about his sexuality?
Dennis Rodman by Luke Harold licensed under CC0 1.0

He changed his appearance and added piercings, a tattooed body, and polished nails. Some say he became one of them, but according to the NBA winner, he learned to live his life to the full after visiting his gay friends. 

So what’s the actual story? If Dennis Rodman is gay or bisexual. Let’s take a close look at his sexual orientation. 

Why Did People Think Dennis Rodman is Gay? 

Is Dennis Rodman gay for real? Of course not. The NBA title winner dated many beautiful celebrities. Still, he is considered gay to some, and few news portals spread false news like he came out as gay.

They looked at a video where Dennis said when he was a teen, he thought of himself as gay and made it an issue. [Source:]

The truth is he doesn’t want to label his sexuality, but he loves homosexual people and gets inspired by looking at them. In one of his YouTube videos, he invited a gay and had a long conversation with him. It was clear he likes gay people. 

In the interview with GQ, he said, “When you talk to people in the gay community, someone who does drag, something like that, they’re so f*c*ing happy. They hold their head up so high every f*c*ing day, man. They’re not ashamed of shit. They’re not trying to prove anything, they’re just out there living their lives.” 

Knowing Rodman gave such statements made some of his followers and the media think he was gay. The truth is Dennis Rodman’s sexuality is straight. His dating history tells us this. 

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Who Has Dennis Rodman Dated?

Dennis Rodman was rumored to date entertainment industry divas. He is rumored to have had relationships with singers, models, and actresses.

He dated Annie Bakes, Madonna, Vivica Fox, and Carmen Electra. The basketball player married Michelle Mayer, but they split the next year of the marriage. These beautiful women tell us that Rodman is straight. 

Final Words

The former superstar of the NBA’s sexuality was under speculation for a long. Although he always dated women, yet was called gay for his different appearance and extreme love for gay people. But his followers should know his real sexuality, so we came up with the truth. 


Who is Dennis Rodman dating now? 

Rodman has been single since his split with ex-wife Michelle Mayer. There is no report of him being in a relationship with any woman recently. 

How many people did Rodman sleep with? 

Dennis slept with many women, and when asked this question in a Netflix documentary, he said he slept with over two thousand females. 

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