Is Kordell Stewart Gay? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

Facing gay rumors is something every celebrity has in common in their lives. However, only a few of them are affected by false stories. Kordell Stewart is, of course, one of those stars. 

It was a rumor that Kordell Stewart is gay. He's straight by sexuality.
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Kordell’s personal life is open, yet rumors have not completely vanished. People need statements to believe, so we have discussed the story behind Kordell Stewart’s sexual gossip and his statements on the matter. 

Gay Rumors About Kordell Stewart Ruined His Reputation A Lot 

Yes, you’ve seen it right. Kordell is not gay; he was alleged to be homosexual. There was no evidence of him being gay, yet a policeman spread this lie about the athlete Kordell. He received a lot of hate from Pittsburgh for this made-up gossip. 

Experts think such a rumor against him was made so that his reputation gets down. Whoever had the plan actually succeeded, and Stewart lost many fans. The rumor included the story of him getting caught doing something unexpected with another male. 

According to the story, a police person saw him that way in 1998. Since then, the player has been criticized a lot. However, Stewart made a good decision in addressing the rumors. 

Kordell Stewart Said Such Gay Incident Never Happened

The American ex-footballer has denied the fact of getting dirty with a man. He said that the news was nothing but a lie. He made a written statement, “It never happened, it was a lie. But that wasn’t the point.” 

According to some other verified sources, Kordell also said he is not gay. So, by addressing rumors, he made things clear about his sexuality. Kordell Stewart is heterosexual. 

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Kordell Stewart’s Dating Life Tells Us He Is Into Women

Kordell Stewart is a straight man, and his relationship timeline is proof. He dated several ladies in life and even got married. His current girlfriend is Towanda Braxton. The couple has been openly dating since 2013. 

He also married Porsha Williams in 2011. However, after two years of togetherness, the duo split. He had more girlfriends in the past, but information about them is kept hidden. His statement and love interest are evidence that Kordell Stewart was never a homosexual. 

Final Words

Kordell Stewart is not the first celebrity who was alleged to be gay. Every star’s sexual orientation is doubted. Famous people with families are also considered gay sometimes. 

But only some people are brave enough, like Stewart. He did an outstanding job of addressing the made-up stories. Although rumors no longer exist, his career was put in danger by us for no good reason. 

Hence, whenever you hear gay stories about your favorite celebrity, instead of discussing them with others, learn if it’s true or not. To see more of the star’s actual sexuality, visit the website.

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