Is Chase Chrisley Gay? What is Todd Chrisley’s Son’s Sexuality?

Chase Chrisley is less popular as an actor but more famous as a star kid. His father, Todd Chrisley, is prominent but also controversial. He was accused of fraud, and allegations said he was gay. 

A close look at Todd Chrisley's son Chase Chrisley's sexuality.
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However, those were later proved to be rumors. For being Todd Chrisley’s son, rumors attacked Chase Chrisley as well.

He was speculated to be homosexual for no good reason. Here’s the entire story, and also we’ve revealed his actual sexual label. 

Chase Chrisley Has Been Doubted As Gay for His Father’s Rumors 

Todd Chrisley is the father of Chase Chrisley. After achieving success with their show “Chrisley Knows Best,” Todd was alleged to have gay rumors. 

Todd’s ex-business partner made claims of having an extramarital affair with him. He said Chrisley cheated on his wife by going into a secret relationship with him. This portrayed Todd Chrisley’s sexuality as gay. 

Although he denied all such rumors, some people still can’t help but think he is a closeted homosexual. But believing in such rumors will never help you learn the truth. Todd Chrisley is not gay and also not his son. 

Since Chase’s dad Todd Chrisley was alleged to be gay, some haters spread the news that his son may also be homosexual. Some people have been claiming this for years without any substantial evidence. 

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Has Chase Chrisley Ever Come Out? 

You need evidence if you want to believe that Chase Chrisley is not straight. Either there should be come-out news or affair news with a guy. However, the celebrity child has neither come out as gay in the past nor has he had a record of dating a man. 

Besides, Chase doesn’t care about rumors at all. He was asked in an interview about gay rumors regarding his father’s sexuality label.

He said he doesn’t bother with those made-up stories. Also, Chase Chrisley is entirely open about his love life on social media. We’ve only seen him dating women. 

Chase Chrisley is Happily Engaged to Emmy Medders 

Todd Chrisley’s son Chase Chrisley proved that he is straight by having a girlfriend and getting engaged to her. Yes, Chase and Emmy’s affair started before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Emmy admitted that the pair broke up in the middle and had ups and downs. However, their bond was not that strong at the moment. Fortunately, it ended up in a positive relationship. Now Chrisley is so serious about her. 

We checked the celebrity’s entire Instagram and found he uploaded the most images with Emmy. He even pinned the photo of him proposing to Medders.

In the picture, he wrote, “I am the luckiest man in the world; being able to call you mine forever is a blessing straight from God. You are the sunshine when it’s dark, you are the rain when it’s dry. I love you more than life itself and can’t wait to live forever with you! To you my love! Thank you for taking me FOREVER!! @emmymedders.”

Chase Chrisley officially got engaged to Emmy Medders on 22nd October 2022. 

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Final Words

Chase Chrisley is a child of a celebrity pair. Hence, he has become an interest to people who are his parents’ followers. Chase is now an adult, so his sexuality is a significant matter. However, he doesn’t bother talking about sexuality.

Since his father, Todd, was alleged to have had a sexual affair with another man, some wicked people think the same for Chase Chrisley. But neither Todd Chrisley nor his son Chase is gay. Both are straight and attracted to women; the rest of the news is rumors.  

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