Is B.J. Novak Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

We know fans have several personal questions regarding the ‘The Office’ actor’s private life. Is B.J. Novak Gay? Why isn’t he married to the woman he dated for several years if not? 

B.J. Novak by TechCrunch licensed under CC BY 2.0

The reason for assuming Novak is gay may seem right to some. But most people will not agree that not marrying or dating doesn’t change a person’s sexuality label. 

B.J. Novak is straight; we will help you understand that with evidence. So keep reading. 

B.J. Novak Doesn’t Seem to be Bothered By Sexuality Speculations

B.J. Novak could care less about what people think about his sexual label. He knows that being a single guy with no relationship will make everyone question his sexuality, so he doesn’t even think about the rumors. 

Novak’s sexuality has been under speculation for years. Well, wise people will understand that he is heterosexual and not homosexual. B.J. Novak’s long-term on-and-off relationship with Mindy Kaling is more than enough to prove he is straight. 

The comedian has openly dated the co-worker for years, and most people believe he has children with Mindy. But both the directors and writers continued to deny it. 

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B.J. Novak Is Attracted to Ladies, Not Guys: He is Straight 

Novak is famous for his works and his complicated affair with Mindy Kaling. They were in a relationship for years, an on-and-off affair. Most fans believe that Novak shares both the Kaling’s children. 

The Office actor admitted in Queen Latifah Show’ that Mindy was the great love of his life. He said, “She is in many ways the great love of my life, and she’s much closer to me than a friend, and yet we’re not in a relationship.” 

The star confirmed that they are no longer a couple; however, Mindy was once the great love of his life. Although the pair still have a strong connection and often meet, they deny all claims and speculations about their relationship. 

B.J. Novak doesn’t need to make his sexuality clear because he is known to have dated Kaling and is still connected with her. He is straight, and his attraction to ex-girlfriend Mindy Kaling is enough to prove that. 

Is B.J. Novak the Father of Mindy Kaling’s Children? 

Mindy Kaling has a daughter and a son. Since she never revealed the name of the children’s father, fans believe it’s B.J. Novak. Mindy said she didn’t care about the speculations.

She told CNN Entertainment, “It Doesn’t bother me. He is the godparent to both my kids – and they have such a great relationship – and so far (the made-up gossip hasn’t) affected my happiness at all; it hasn’t affected my kids or B.J., if that’s what is going to be thrilling to people, I’ll take it.”

Regardless of the rumors, they still vibe together with the kids. The evidence is on Kaling’s Instagram timeline. On 29th August 2022, she posted images of enjoying watching stars with her daughter and B.J Novak. 

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She thanked Novak and wrote, “My four-year-old had the best night of her life at our star party + Saturn spotting at @griffithobservatory! We kept her up way past her bedtime, and it was worth it, even though it was cloudy last night. 

Thank you, @bjnovak, for sharing your passion for astronomy and @orionbearastronomy and @griffithobservatory for a spectacular night!” 

Final Words 

B.J. Novak is more asked about his love life with Mindy Kaling than his sexual orientation. It’s because once they used to be a famous couple who spent years together and tried to hide the fact well. 

Although B.J. Novak is unmarried and claims to not have children, assumptions say he could be the father since Mindy didn’t share the name of the children’s real dad. It’s evident because the stars never confirmed having a new relationship after breaking up. 

Despite the assumptions, the pair still have a strong connection and spend enough time together. It is believed that they are still dating in secret.

Whatever the truth is, Novak was once Mindy’s boyfriend, meaning he is interested in women. Hence there’s no way for us to doubt his sexuality.

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