Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay? Does He Have a Wife or Dating Partner?

Tony Hinchcliffe has been working as a comedian for a long time. He also eventually entered the entertainment industry as an actor. 

The truth about Tony Hinchcliffe's sexuality and dating partner.
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It took him a short struggle to gain a considerable number of fans. Tony Hinchcliffe has made headlines not with his works but also acts. 

He is a controversial celebrity, and with more headlines, he was noticed more by ordinary people. As a star and comedian, his sexuality then comes into question. Is Tony Hinchcliffe gay? 

You can go to conclusions by assuming his sexual orientation by judging his silly acts in shows, but the reality is different. Here’s why we and the media claim that Tony Hinchcliffe is straight. 

Tony Hinchcliffe Isn’t Gay 

For people who seriously think Tony Hinchcliffe could be gay, you must learn that he must come out of the closet first. If he is a closeted gay, we still need to wait until he announces himself as gay. 

Tony Hinchcliffe hasn’t told the media that he is homosexual. Hence, we are bound to believe the comedian is straight.

Besides, his private life supports it since he didn’t marry a guy but a lady. If you need to learn about Tony Hinchcliffe’s wedding or wife, let’s help you learn. 

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Tony Hinchcliffe Married Bob Jane’s Daughter, Charlotte Jane, in 2015 

Tony Hinchcliffe got his life’s most significant achievement in 2015 when he married the beautiful and talented lady Charlotte Jane.

She is the lovely daughter of Bob Jane. She is a model and entrepreneur. The couple married in 2015. But only a few groups of people believed it. 

Hence, Tony shared an image of him and his wife Charlotte wearing engagement rings in 2017. However, that picture is no longer available on his Instagram.

But he still has a photo of his wife that he posted on 28th January 2018. He captioned the photo, writing, “People I love.” 

The couple is still together, although maintaining a low-key profile. There’s no information regarding whether the pair still lives together or not. Hinchcliffe’s Instagram is now full of his work-related posts. 

Here’s Why Most Fans Believed Tony Hinchcliffe Was Gay 

Tony Hinchcliffe is famous as a comedian. He has uncountable shows. As a comedian, he did some acts that made him seem gay. 

Tony Hinchcliffe thinks hot ladies don’t treat him like straight guys for his funny activities. On 28th May 2011, he claimed this on a Twitter post, writing, “Hot chi*ks treat me like I’m a gay guy. Gay guys treat me like I’m a hot chi*k.” 

Moreover, the comedian didn’t share his sexual orientation with the media. He even has pictures where he poses like a gay man. For this reason, many thought he was homosexual. 

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So people began to assume he was not straight. Tony isn’t the only celebrity who doesn’t speak about his sexuality label. Most stars avoid discussing it unless rumors get worse. 

Final Words

Tony Hinchcliffe is an excellent comedian. He even appeared in several movies for his comedy and acting skills, including Bill, the Therapist, Ferrell Takes the Field, and The Bobby Roberts Project. 

Hinchcliffe knows well how to act like girls. His girly activities in shows and especially in his pictures, made people doubt his sexuality. He also remained tight-lipped about it. 

However, by marrying Bob Jane’s daughter, Charlotte Jane, Tony Hinchcliffe proved he was straight. The pair has no child, but they’ll probably take one soon.


Does Tony Hinchcliffe have a child? 

Tony Hinchcliffe is married. His wife is Charlotte Jane. They have been a pair since 2015. The couple has no child. 

Is Tony Hinchcliffe in a relationship? 

Tony Hinchcliffe is not in a relationship; he is happily married to his wife, Charlotte Jane. 

What nationality is Tony Hinchcliffe? 

His family welcomed Tony Hinchcliffe on 8th June 1984. He was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. Hence, he is an American by birth. 

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