Was Cameron Boyce Gay or Bi? What Was Boyce’s Sexuality?

Cameron Boyce’s death was one of the heart-breaking headlines of 2019. The actor was achieving his goals gradually.

However, before he could make all his dreams come true, Boyce left the world. Before dying, he gifted his fans a few hit films and several popular TV shows. 

What was Cameron Boyce's sexual orientation? Was he gay, bi or straight?
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He died while he was only 20 years old and left his followers with sorrow. For living so early, many of his fans couldn’t get the chance to learn about his sexual orientation properly.

If you are one of them, you will get all your questions answered in this article and know if Cameron Boyce was gay. So, without waiting, let’s jump into the discussion on the sexuality of this young and talented late actor. 

Was Cameron Boyce Gay According to Verified Sources? 

Cameron fans have been looking for the answer to whether he was gay. Well, while he was alive we didn’t get such information from his verified social media accounts or official pages.

Moreover, he didn’t introduce himself as gay in an interview. So we can’t surely say he was gay. However, we can assume he was not gay researching his private life.

Cameron Boyce Never Indicated Himself as Bisexual

The gay rumors is not the only rumor Boyce was annoyed about. He was also thought of as bi. The sad part of his life was he never indicated himself as bisexual yet he couldn’t stop people from thinking of him as bi. 

It’s true he was pretty close with guys and once he kissed a boy as it was his punishment for losing in a game show. Several male celebrities did this, even the straightest ones.

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So, based on that one action it is unfair to call or think Cameron Boyce was bisexual. He himself never confirmed it. 

Cameron Boyce’s Sexuality

The Disney actor used to play primarily funny characters. He made many 2000s kids’ childhood and teenhood memorable. Although Boyce was so busy with his career that he couldn’t make time to speak directly about his sexuality. 

But as he played funny characters, and in a YouTube video named ‘When You Find Out Your Roommate’s Gay,’ he had to kiss a guy.

Both kissed so passionately that rumors spread Cameron was gay. It was pretty sad that he couldn’t give answers relating to the stories and suddenly died. 

However, he was heterosexual, and we can easily assume it by looking at his relationship timeline. The young actor went into his first relationship when he was a teenager. In 2012 his first open relationship was with Peyton List. The couple had three years of affair and then split.

Cameron Boyce with his girlfriend  Peyton List.
Image source credit: YouTube.com

Peyton is an American model and actress. In the same year of his break-up with List, he had a relationship with another actress, Brenna D’Amico. He was only 16 then. Until 2017 the couple dated. 

Cameron Boyce with his girlfriend Brenna D'Amico.
Image source credit: YouTube.com

They broke up in 2017, and until his death, he was single. No one has ever reported him having an affair or marriage with any man. This removes all the doubts about his sexuality. 

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Final Words

On July 6, 2019, the rising legend of acting Cameron Boyce died. He was a Disney star who acted in plenty of Disney shows and gave people so much entertainment.

In a short time, he managed a vast fan base. As a supporter, we must believe and truth and not false claims; the truth is he was straight, while the lie is he was gay.


Did Sofia Carson and Cameron Boyce date? 

While Cameron was alive, he was rumored to have an affair with his co-stars. However, not all the co-stars had their memes involved with the friendly-natured actor. 

While Sofia Carson was working with Boyce, the rumors spread that the two were dating. But the young celebrity never confirmed it. 

Although he admitted in an interview to going on dates, he never mentioned the women with whom he was in a relationship. 

Did Cameron Boyce date Dove? 

For a long time, a rumor was swirling ‘That Cameron Boyce was dating Dove. Some News reporters made false claims that adding some spices to the article made some people believe the tale. Neither Dove nor Cameron has ever confirmed having a relationship. 

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