Is Whoopi Goldberg Gay? What Did She Say About Her Sexuality?

Whoopi Goldberg is the professional name of Caryn Elaine Johnson. She is a television personality.

In her career, Caryn involved herself with many artistic works like acting, comedy, and hosting. The journey of this legendary woman began in 1983 when she first worked for her comedy show,‘ Spook Show.’ 

A close look at Whoopi Goldberg's sexuality. Let's see whether she's gay or straight.
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The show helped her achieve the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. That was the beginning of her successful life and is continuing. Unfortunately, for two reasons, she is not the happiest while being one of the most recognized women. 

One is not having a happy married life, and another is gay rumors. Queer rumors don’t go right with this person, yet why do some people think, Whoopi Goldberg could be gay. That’s why they ask questions about her sexuality. We have all the answers ready for you ahead. 

How Marrying and Getting Divorced Thrice Created Whoopi Goldberg Gay or Bisexual Rumors

Goldberg’s lifestyle is far different than bi’s or a lesbian’s, yet why is she rumored to be gay or bisexual? Well, there are two big reasons behind the creation of such a rumor. Let’s talk about the first reason that actually fueled the Fire, her tragic marriage life. 

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Whoopi, aka Caryn, was married not once or twice but thrice! The shocking fact is that three of her marriages ended up broken.

According to their followers, having a life partner has become a mandatory trait of celebrities. However, things don’t always work the way we think.

She was divorced three times, so people started doubting the comedian’s sexuality. It’s unfair since not everyone gets the right person in their life. If Whoopi were gay, she wouldn’t get married to men.

Not only that she got married, but she has also dated several guys in her lifetime and became the mother of her only daughter Alex Martin. So, she is not bisexual or lesbian.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Sexuality Can Be Rightly Interpreted By Looking at Her Marriage Life

Whoopi’s first husband was Alvin Martin. They got married in 1973, and till 1979 the couple lived together. She gave birth to their beautiful daughter Alex. After six years, they quit living together and split for an untold reason. 

After seven years of splitting with her first husband, she found another loving man named David Claessen. The couple married soon after getting involved, and after only two years, they ended everything between them. 

Her last ex-husband, who made Goldberg believe that marriage would not work for her ever, was Lyle Trachtenberg.

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Their marriage lasted for a year only. After so many heartbreaking divorces, Caryn thinks she can’t make it to marrying once again.

Whoopi Goldberg with her third husband Lyle Trachtenberg.
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In one interview with The New York Times, she said, “Look, people expect you to have a boyfriend. They expect you to get married. I tried marriage, and it wasn’t for me. You can’t be in a marriage because everybody’s expecting you to.” 

Her relationships with renowned men and husbands make it clear that Saturday Night Live Show’s writer Goldberg’s sexuality is straight. The second reason for getting confused with her sexual orientation is her immense support for the gay community. 

She gave an interview to a gay magazine called Pride Source in 2014. She was asked many questions regarding queer people, and she gave positive answers each time. Goldberg told the host, “Nobody wanted me but the gay community.” 

While she got enough support from the LGBTQ members, she is returning the same love toward them. Of course, we must mention many icons that are straight yet show care and support for gay people. 

Whoopi Goldberg’s sexuality is straight, but she is also a freedom-lover who doesn’t like listening to someone all the time, so she hasn’t married the fourth time. 

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Final Words

The comedian Goldberg had a controversial life involving many men with or without getting married. Analyzing her personal life, we couldn’t find her having a close relationship with a same-sex person. Her love life, marriage, and children clarify her sexuality.


Is Whoopi Goldberg married to Ted Danson? 

Ted and Whoopi never got married. However, they had a serious relationship while Danson married his second wife. Their relationship later became the reason for the divorce of Ted Danson and his wife, Casey. 

Why does Whoopi Goldberg have no eyebrows? 

Goldberg has shaved her eyebrows. She seems to not like hair on any of her facial parts. 

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