Is Tom Selleck Gay? Why Do People Have Doubts About His Sexuality?

Back in the 80s, Tom Selleck was one of the heartthrobs of America. He earned the most popularity by playing the role of Thomas Magnum, a private investigator in the film. While many celebrity gay stories seem believable, Tom’s gay rumors are funny. 

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He was thought gay just for having a mustache! We know it’s pretty baseless, but a good number of people believed him gay for having it. But he has always opposed this invalid claim. 

Is he really gay, or some are misunderstanding his sexual orientation? Let’s get to know in brief if Tom Selleck is gay and why people doubt his sexuality. 

Tom Selleck Sued The Globe Publication for Providing Gay People His Posters

It might sound wrong that he sued a publication just for sharing his picture with homosexuals, right? But there is a huge reason why he did such a thing. The photograph of Tom that The Globe supplied had something written on it. 

It had a headline, “absolutely queer.” This happened in 1991 when some gay men and women participated in a movement where they were asking the media to bring gay celebrities out of the closet.

They claimed Tom Selleck was gay. But Tom Selleck’s sexuality is straight. This hurt the actor since he had a wife, a daughter, and a stepson. 

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Making such comments about a family guy-type person is genuinely unfair. He shared how he felt about it. H

ence he filed a case against the tabloid that provided his photographs without informing him and asked for compensation worth 20 million dollars. The same year he and the publication were settled out. The ‘Killers’ actor was given an undisclosed sum. 

People Later Thought Selleck Is Anti Gay

Tom Selleck’s actions ended the gay gossip but made him go through more controversies. Later his fans thought he hated homosexual people. The mustache man had to wait for a good chance till 1997 to prove himself that he wasn’t an anti-gay person. 

While being a straight guy, he played the role of a homosexual man and even kissed another artist in the film In & Out. He did it to end this one last rumor made-up story about him. He explained things to the TV Guide in 2015. 

The actor told the interviewer, “Because I had sued several tabloids for falsely saying I was gay, people were saying I was anti-gay; playing the role ended both those rumors.” Everything, including his statements, family, lifestyle is more than enough to trust that Tom Selleck’s sexuality is straight.”

Final Words

It’s unfortunate to be called gay when you are straight and has a life partner of the opposite sex. However, he was strong enough to oppose the false claims.

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His actions and stubbornness in not accepting invalid gay stories proved to everyone that Tom Selleck is heterosexual.


Is Tom Selleck married today? 

Yes, Tom is still married to her wife, Jillie. It’s been over 33 years since the duo are happily living. According to them, their married life is becoming more satisfying as the days pass. 

Who does Tom Selleck have a relationship with? 

Selleck is not in a relationship. He is married to Jillie Mack. They were couples before marriage, and after marriage, both didn’t go into extramarital affairs. 

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