Was Jerry Lewis Gay? What Was His Sexual Orientation? 

Jerry Lewis came to this world on 16th March 1926. No one in his family would have thought he would add his name to the list of the world’s best comedians.

Jerry Lewis's sexuality explains. See was he gay or not.
Jerry Lewis by Octave.H licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

He was a multi-talented person who was also great at singing, screenwriting, acting, and film producing. He achieved quick popularity after entering the world of comedy.

However, his career reached its peak after teaming up with the famous singer Dean Martin. Although he is no more still, some people think and call him gay. 

As a supporter of the comedy king, we are against the false news spread about his sexuality. Hence, we will reveal was Jerry Lewis gay? And what was his sexual orientation? Let’s start exploring the comedy legend’s sexuality. 

Why did Jerry Lewis Go Through Gay Controversies?

It’s unfortunate for Jerry Lewis that he went through gay controversies while he was not among the homosexual. Then why was he considered one? Because he was very close with his male comedian partner, the successful singer Dean Martin. 

Why did Jerry Lewis Go Through Gay Controversies? The reasons behind it.
Image source credit: YouTube.com

Although Martin was best at singing and couldn’t perform well enough like the comedy king Jerry, he was his partner for longer than anyone had thought he would be. They were a powerful duo, but both were accused of gay rumors. 

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As comedians, both had to act silly and sometimes show closeness on-screen, which made Lewis’s followers question, “was Jerry Lewis gay or straight?”

Sooner reporters began looking for the answer, but the comedian avoided answering. His avoidance of telling the truth was another huge reason people doubted his sexuality. 

Jerry Lewis' Gay Controversies.
Image source credit: YouTube.com

He often hu*ged and ki*sed his comedy partner in front of the cameras. Keeping things secret and continuing comedy with Martin made everyone think he has soft corners for his mate. However, there is no report where it is news they had physical relationships. 

History says both the comedians had wives, and for their close relationship, their bonds with their life partners went weak. Looking closely at their marriage life may allow us to understand Jerry Lewis’s sexuality. So, let’s take a look at his marriage life next.

Was Jerry Lewis Happily Married? 

Jerry’s first wife was Patti Palmer. The duo lived their married life for 36 years. According to the report in the U.S Sun, both comedians were having issues with their wives. Of course, the reason was their closeness and gay rumors. 

Jerry Lewis was Happily Married with his wife Patti.
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Patti began to dislike his husband’s comedy partner, and she probably insisted Jerry break the team up. After 10 years of working together, they had to look for their paths and broke up. 

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Since he listened to his wife and stopped working with Martin, it shows Jerry Lewis’s sexuality is straight. Because a gay man can’t break up with his partner for a woman, sadly, he divorced Patti in 1980 and later married SanDee in 1983. Jerry marrying another woman for the second time removes doubts about his sexuality. 


Jerry and Martin were nothing but partners. Both had no interest in each other. Rather Lewis is reported to have conflicts with Dean, which later broke the team. 


Did Jerry Lewis go to Dean Martin’s Funeral? 

The great singer Dean Martin Died on 25th December 1995. He was 78 years old when he passed away. Many celebrities attended his funeral except his closest friend Jerry Lewis. 

What happened between Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis? 

Jerry and Martin have different thoughts. Their way of working was completely dissimilar. Also, they were called gays for having a very good relationships. Such reasons made them split. 

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