Was Fred Astaire Gay? Everything About His Sexuality

Fred Astaire was one of the most well-known actors and dancers in Hollywood history. He became renowned worldwide for his excellent dancing abilities, stunning appearance, and mesmerizing performances. What was Fred Astaire’s sexuality? Was he gay or straight? 

A close look at world-famous dancer Fred Astaire's sexuality.
Fred Astaire by Wikimedia Commons licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

It’s still a subject that his followers and biographers have long struggled to answer. Despite numerous rumors and theories, the explanation for this issue remains unknown to researchers.

Today we will discuss Fred Astaire’s sexuality in this article, along with the supporting data and theories. Read until the end to discover if Fred Astaire was gay or straight. 

Rumors about Fred Astaire’s Sexual Label

Throughout his popularity and success, there have long been whispers and speculations about Fred Astaire’s personal life. Numerous people have questioned his sexuality, and several explanations have been offered to explain it. 

According to one opinion, Astaire was gay or, at the very least, bisexual and had relationships with men all his life. His close ties with several openly gay men, his feminine personality, and his choice to work with male dancers all support this theory.

According to a different viewpoint, Fred Astaire was straight. Numerous writings suggest that he had affairs with many of his heroines and co-stars and was considered a “womanizer.” Some claim that he passionately loved his first spouse, Phyllis Potter, and was heartbroken by her passing in 1954.

Is There Some Evidence for the Rumors?

Besides these stories and speculations, no explanation about Fred Astaire’s sexuality has been shown to be accurate. There are no confirmed records of his sexual interactions with men or women outside of his marriages, and he never openly identified as gay, bisexual, or straight. 

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His relatives and friends and many others who knew him well have rejected claims that he’s gay or bisexual. Also, several evidence sources imply that Astaire might have experienced same-gender interactions or interests.

For example, he was reported to have enjoyed close relations with some publicly gay men, such as choreographer Jack Cole and designer Orry-Kelly. 

Additionally, he frequently collaborated with male choreographers like Roland Petit and Hermes Pan and often complimented their performance in interviews.

A few of his performances, including his famous duet with Gene Kelly in the movie Ziegfeld Follies, have also been thought to have gayish themes.

But his marriages with famous females like Phyllis Potter and Robyn Smith and becoming the biological father of two children suggest that Fred Astaire was straight. 

Final Words

Fred Astaire’s sexuality is still subject to debate and speculation. Specific evidence implies that he might have had same-gender relationships or attraction, even though there isn’t enough proof to support any interpretation. 

It’s also possible that he was straight and just had strong ties with gay guys because he preferred to collaborate with males as a choreographer. 

The truth regarding Fred Astaire’s sexuality may never be known. Still, his legacy as one of Hollywood’s most outstanding performers will continue to motivate and amaze viewers for countless years.

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