Was Merv Griffin Gay? What Was His Sexual Orientation?

Merv Griffin was a businessman in the media, television host, and producer. Before his passing in 2007, he was a prominent personality in the entertainment sector. 

All you need to know about Merv Griffin's sexuality.
Merv Griffin by Linda Bisset licensed under CC BY 2.0

Although his appearance was not that questionable, there have been a lot of sexual orientation rumors.

We will analyze the information and seek to give a reply to the query, “Was Merv Griffin gay?” in this article.

Mervyn Griffin’s Career and Early Life

On July 6, 1925, Mervyn Edward Griffin Jr. drew his first breath in San Mateo, California. He started as a musician and pianist who appeared on television and in nightclubs.

He was given his talk program, “The Merv Griffin Show,” in 1950, and it ranked among the most popular talk shows ever.

Merv Griffin’s Marriages and Children

In his lifetime, Griffin had two marriages. In 1958, he wed Julann Wright, and the two welcomed Tony Griffin as their only child. In 1976, the couple was divorced.

Griffin wed Tricia Leigh Fisher, his second wife, and Julann’s best friend, in 1986. They were together until Griffin’s passing in 2007.

Merv Griffin made it seem that he was straight based on his marriages and children, but many have argued that they were only an envelope for his actual sexual orientation. To this day, the majority of people believe he wasn’t gay but straight.

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Rumors and Speculation About Merv Griffin’s Sexuality

During Merv’s lifetime, there was a lot of curiosity about his personal life. Reports were that he had romantic interactions with males in Hollywood, so some folks thought he was gay.

One of the most prominent stories was that Griffin’s longtime friend and business colleague Tony Cointreau was romantically involved with Griffin. Cointreau publicly acknowledged being gay and openly discussed his close friendship with Griffin. Griffin, however, insisted that they’d been only friends.

The ‘Play Your Hunch’ show host was also said to have had relationships with other Hollywood guys, such as Liberace and Rock Hudson.

Griffin’s best friend, Hudson, was often spotted with Griffin in public. In addition, Liberace frequently appeared on “The Merv Griffin Show,” and the two men were close.

We must mention that Merv Griffin never publicly admitted to being gay, but he did speak for gay rights. He contributed $1 million in 1985 to establish the Merv Griffin Foundation, which provides funding to groups that strive to enhance the lives of lesbians and gay men.

Final Words

So, what was Merv Griffin’s sexuality? The reality is that we might never be sure. Although there is undoubtedly a lot of hearsay and gossip, neither side has concrete evidence. Griffin was a quiet person who maintained his personal matters out of the spotlight. He also never publicly expressed his sexual orientation.

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Griffin was a well-known and respected personality in the entertainment business, and that much is certain. In addition to being a gifted vocalist and pianist, he invented the talk show format.

He also worked to assist many causes, including homosexual rights, as a philanthropist. Although he remained silent on his sexual label, most supporters think he was heterosexual, depending on his marriage and kid.

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