Is James Charles Gay, Bi, or Trans? What’s James’ Sexuality?

James Charles has made a place for himself in the glamor world with his excellent makeup skills. If you’ve recently known this Instagram superstar, you must have many questions regarding his sexuality. 

What's James Charles' actual sexuality?
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Is James Charles gay or bi, or is he transgender? You’ll know everything about how he came out, his sexual orientation, and what he said about his identity. Also, we will enlighten James Charles’ dating partners. 

Is James Charles a Trans? 

If you have this question, it’s probably because you’ve seen Charles appear like a complete lady. So is he a trans man? This question is one of the most searched questions about James on Google, so he answered it. 

James Charles said, “I am not Trans; I am man. I am not transgender. I identify as a man, but I do consider myself to be androgynous, which basically means I can percent in both feminine and masculine ways. 

I’ve been posting a lot of different photos on Instagram where the wigs on which I’ve honestly been having so much fun doing, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this topic which I definitely do understand. I just like switching my appearance and trying out new hairstyles and new outfits.”

The truth is James Charles is gay. Next, you’ll know everything about his coming out as gay. 

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James Charles Came Out as Gay When He Was Only 12 

Here’s the story, James Charles explored his sexual orientation when he wasn’t a teenager. At only 12, he came out as gay to his parents. He considers himself lucky since both his parents accepted his true sexual identity. 

James Charles openly talked about this and shared the fact that being gay doesn’t lower his confidence. James Charles said in an interview,

“I’m confident in myself and my gender identity. I’m happy being a boy. But at the same time, I love makeup. I have a full set of nails on all the time.”

If you want to see who James Charles has dated, let us enlighten you about it. 

James Charles Had At Least 2 Relationships 

You’ve heard that right. The YouTube and makeup artist had two boyfriends previously. Although he didn’t speak about them much, thanks to the media, we know who he dated. 

James didn’t have affairs with superstars from the entertainment or music industry. He picked two Instagram star boys to date. According to a trusted source, he was in a relationship with Shawn (an Instagram celebrity). 

Charles ensured that no one knew when the duo began and ended dating. His second and last affair was with Aaron Fuller.

The pair started their love journey in 2017. They maintained a low profile for which it’s hard to tell when the couple broke up. 

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Currently, James Charles is single. However, after Noah Schnapp came out as gay recently, he showed interest in him. 

Final Words

James Charles is not bisexual or transgender. He is gay. He first discovered himself having both feminine and masculine feelings at the age of 12. 

James immediately let his parents know about it. They accepted their child as he was. He is now a famous makeup artist, and since he gained fame while being gay, there is still some confusion about his sexual label. 

But now you know the truth. James Charles has also dated guys, and his next plan is to make Noah Schnapp his dating partner. If that happens in reality, it definitely would be ‘A dream came true’ for the Instagram star. 

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