Was Paul Mooney Gay or Bisexual? What Was His Sexuality?

Paul Mooney is the stage name of Paul Gladney. He is considered a legend in the world of comedy. This American comedian’s fame rose to its peak by working on the show named Dave Chappelle’s Chappelle’s Show.

What was Paul Mooney's sexuality? Was he gay, straight, or bisexual?
Paul Mooney by Timothy M. Moore licensed under CC BY 3.0

At the beginning of his career, he used to write for another popular comedian Richard Pryor. But he began his journey as a comedian by becoming Gatti-Charles Circus’s ringmaster. 

It took some time for Mooney to understand that he could make great jokes which later made him the professional comic writer of Richard Pryor. Mooney made both the people of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is one of the few comedians who achieved a huge fan base. 

He was awarded many times for his outstanding works and was praised globally. However, the comedian had to face trouble for a piece of fake information. Some reporters and haters tried to prove him gay. 

That news somehow managed to put him in embarrassing situations since he was silent when it came to his sexuality.

Still, it’s a matter of discussion, “Was Paul Mooney gay, straight or bisexual? What was his actual sexual orientation?” Today, we will end it by knowing his true sexual orientation. So let’s begin. 

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Was Paul Mooney Gay? 

Do you know what the saddest part of being a comedian is? It’s that people doubt their sexuality. People, especially the haters, think stand-up comedians are homosexuals because they act and behave silly. As one of the greatest comedians, Paul also faced bullies from those who thought he was gay.

The celebrity is living no more, yet the question, about his sexuality, is still being asked. When Mooney was alive, he always avoided answering such embarrassing queries. Maybe this was a big mistake he made, so his sons are also questioned about their father’s sexuality. 

Many online news channels have taken interviews with Dwaney Mooney and Daryl Mooney. In one interview, they were asked about the rumors that their father was homosexual it’s true or not? 

Daryl Mooney answered, “When people used to ask us if our father was gay, I’d say, ‘I don’t know, he never tried to f*ck us!’ How are we supposed to know? I don’t know… that’s hearsay.” 

Daryl added, “He can’t be homosexual because he has children! That would be bisexual,” Dwayne argued. “James Baldwin was totally gay and he was one of the strongest people out here for dealing with race relations, so maybe for some conscious hotep folk they would have a problem with that.

When you really look at it in these times, would it really be a big deal? I don’t think it would be a big deal.” [TMZ Exclusive Interview

Both Dwaney and Daryl got a little excited at the end because they knew their father was not gay, and they had to put an end to these questions. 

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That interview helped many to understand that Paul Mooney’s sexuality was straight. He was not bisexual either, and we will know this by looking at Paul Mooney’s dating history. 

Dating History of Paul Mooney

It is unknown who he had an affair with before getting married. In 1973 he married Yvonne Mooney since they were in a relationship. Sadly, The couple later split.

It is reported that Mooney later dated several women, including Chaka Khan, Stacy J., and Lori Petti. Paul, as a straight person, became the biological father of 5 children. Symeon Mooney was unfortunately murdered in 2001. 


Paul Mooney was a brilliant comedian. He made people laugh his whole career. His profession brought him awards but also put him in controversies. 

Even after his death, the only controversy that didn’t leave him is, “he is gay.” Thankfully, his sons made things clear by talking about it publicly.

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