Is John Mulaney Gay Or Bisexual? John Mulaney’s Sexuality Explained

John Mulaney talked about his sexuality. Is he gay or bisexual?
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John Mulaney landed on this planet on 26th August 1982. The comedian and actor used to have funny characteristics and a great sense of humor from childhood. No one in his family ever imagined him to become one of the best stand-up comedians in the United States. 

His fame rose to its peak when he worked for Saturday Night Live by writing comedy scripts. He also worked for The Top Part, Kid Gorgeous, and The Comeback Kid as one of the stand-up comedian specials. 

The comedian used to act and talk like a girl from the time he was a kid. He walks silly, talks silly, and acts silly, and so many thought he is gay.

So, is John Mulaney gay or bisexual for real? In this article today, John Mulaney’s sexuality is explained. So, stay with us from top to bottom to explore the sexual interests of John Mulaney. 

What is John Mulaney’s Sexuality?

If you’ve been watching Mulaney’s comedy shows for years and didn’t try to know his sexuality, the chances are you, too, have thought him gay. It’s obvious to misinterpret Mulaney’s sexuality because he kind of does stuff like women. 

For this reason, the actor and comedian faced bullies. A few haters and fake online news portals claimed him to be gay. John was silent for a long, but in 2020 he finally responded to the haters and fought back against all the gay bullies against him. 

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At first, he was cracking jokes about how he was gay but not gay. In the show ‘Netflix is A Joke, ‘ he said, “I have a girlfriend now, which is weird because I’m probably gay based on how I act and behave, and I’ve walked and talked for 28 years.”

“I was definitely gay when I was a little boy. A lot of little boys are gay, you know they’re very flowy and they have hard opinions on things.” [Source: YouTube

John sarcastically explained that having a silly nature doesn’t mean a person has to be gay. He also mentioned that he has a girlfriend, which cleared him up. 

Now that you know the correct sexual orientation of your favorite comedian, whoever you find asking, is John Mulaney gay? Is John Mulaney bisexual? answer saying, “no, he is not gay; he is a straight guy who does girly things to make people laugh.”

John Mulaney has a Relationship.

Most women are attracted to men who have an amazing sense of humor. Anna Marie Tendler, the wife of John Mulaney, found that inside, the comedian made her fall for him and made him his partner.

The duo got married in 2014 after having a sweet affair. But sadly, they got separated too in 2020 after the news came out that Mulaney and Olivia Munn were having an affair and were about to become parents. 

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn are not married; they lived together and had their baby Malcolm Hiëp Mulaney. 

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John Mulaney is a multi-talented guy. He is a great comedian, actor, and writer. John gained popularity and respect through his works, but also he had to go through criticism. 

John Mulaney is gay is one such bully. He couldn’t stand long to listen, and when he got the right time and place to talk back, he did. However, some die-hard fans of John knew he was straight because John’s affairs were publicly discussed.

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