Is Matt Bomer Gay or Bisexual? Who’s His Dating Partner?

Matt Bomer was talking about his coming out as gay.
Matt Bomer by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Matt Bomer first time officially declared he was gay in 2012. He shared the fact at an awards show where he showed gratitude to his love Simon Halls.

The couple even has three children. He was awarded the ‘New Generation Arts and Activism Award for giving efforts in fighting against AIDS / HIV. 

After coming out as gay, the actor said he was having difficulties getting more opportunities in Hollywood. However, that doesn’t make him feel bad since he no longer has to act like a straight guy. 

All his fans got shocked to know the truth, and it hurt many girls who had a crush on the US actor Matt. They couldn’t believe what they had heard and seen, so they jammed the Google questioning, is Matt Bomer gay or straight? What’s his actual sexual orientation? Let’s find out. 

Is Matt Bomer Gay?

Until last Sunday, everyone used to think Matt Bomer was straight, but we were living trusting lies. Matt expressed he is gay and said more relating to homosexuality for the first time. We will share some of his statements regarding what he said about him being gay. 

After receiving the award, Matt Bomer spoke about being gay for so long and thanked his partner.

“I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry,” he said onstage. “Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment.”

Although Bomer was asked if he was gay or not before 2012, each time, he refused to talk about it. But something happened at the award function, and after accepting him as gay, he is now bold when asked about his sexuality. 

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In 2010 the news was flying throughout the internet that Matt Bomer was gay. He ignored responding to such comments, but recently, he seems to have no issues talking about his sexuality. 

He was again asked how he feels being gay and how things were going after sharing the truth by ‘Attitude Magazine,’ and he answered.

“I came out at a time when it was very risky to do so – I had a studio film that was about to premiere and a television series coming out,” Bomer recalls. “But it was more important to be my most authentic self, both for my family and for myself.” 

He added, “I wasn’t trying to be a role model, nor am I now, but I thought it would be worth it if it could help just one person.

“But to say that didn’t cost me certain things in my career would be a lie. It did. To me that trade-off was worth it. But it hasn’t been some fairy tale — no pun intended.” 

Matt Bomer feels freer to talk about himself and his partner now. It was pretty tough for him to keep things hidden for a long time, but now he feels like he removed a burden from his heart by telling everyone he is a homosexual. 

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So who is his partner? Let’s know how they managed to have the children. Let’s control the excitement and know the answers. 

Matt Bomer’s Partner and Children

Both Simon and Matt are American actors. He is more popular than Matt Bomer’s husband. The duo got married in 2011.

The couple was in love for a long time but kept things secret in order to make sure their relationship didn’t become an obstacle to their career. But after one year of the marriage, Matt Bomer coming out in 2012, revealed that Simon Halls is his husband. 

They also share three boys, and two of them are twins. Matt and Simon became parents by taking the help of surrogacy methods.

In 2008 Matt hired Simon as his publicist, and that’s how the duo met and fell in love. They are still living together with their sons and are happy. 


Matt Bomer coming out was a shock indeed. The actor’s acting skills were so good that no one guessed he was gay.

He made a large fan base that included females more than males. Unfortunately, his fangirls got heartbroken, but Matt is happy after the day he shared the real him with the public.

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