Is Jacob Elordi Gay or Bi? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

When we talk about a handsome male actor, we can’t forget Jacob Elordi. Who doesn’t have a crush on him? From straight people to queer, anyone would fall for his charming beauty. 

A close look at Jacob Elordi's sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay, bi, or straight.
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Since thousands of people have a crush on Elordi, naturally, his sexuality is a significant matter to them. While straight women would want him to be heterosexual, queer people would want him to come out of the closet. This article will briefly discuss Jacob Elordi’s gay rumors and his sexuality. 

Jacob Elordi Gay Rumors Sparked After His Cozy and Kissing Photos Were Uploaded With Tommy Dorfman 

In August 2022, gay rumors about Jacob Elordi spread throughout the internet. It’s because of pictures of him getting cozy and giving a kiss to Tommy Dorfman. At that moment, Tommy was non-binary and married his ex-husband Peter Zurkuhlen. 

Later in July 2021, Dorfman came out as female transgender and began to use ‘she’ for her. In the same month, she also lets the world know that she is no longer with Peter, but they have a social connection. Hence seeing Jacob being romantic with a queer person made everyone think Eroldi is also queer. 

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Many fans believe he is hiding his actual sexual orientation from fans. In those viral pictures, The Kissing Booth actor put a kiss on the 13 Reasons Why actress. They wore the same outfit and got closer while ordering coffee. Most people took the images seriously and started to consider them a couple. 

But both the actors soon revealed themselves as friends. Unfortunately, the rumors have not faded, although it’s been two years. Because Jacob Elordi didn’t reveal his sexuality label, it’s an ordinary matter for most celebrities. The majority of stars don’t like speaking about their sexuality. 

Jacob Elordi Is not Only Straight But a Lady Killer: He Had Several Relationships With Female Celebrities

Although the Euphoria actor had only a trip with Tommy Dorfman, he has always been spotted with famous female stars. He had many affairs. Let’s take a quick look at celebrities that Jacob Elordi has dated. 

GirlfriendBegan Dating Break Up
Joey King20172019
Kaia Gerber20202021

Since we didn’t find Jacob Elordi dating a man, we can’t assume he is homosexual. The Australian actor is so into women that he can’t wait much to get into another romance. Hence it’s clear that Jacob Elordi is straight, which is why he gets involved with ladies now and then. 

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Final Words 

Jacob Elordi is undoubtedly one of the most handsome faces in Australia. His attractive personality and good-looking appearance can make any lady fall for him. 

In 2020 a rumor regarding the sexuality of the actor spread. Many of his supporters went clueless about understanding his label of sexuality. Besides, Elordi kept silent despite knowing fans were curious whether he was straight or gay. 

Fortunately, his public relationships helped us analyze things. We found out the Deep Water actor is not homosexual. He is only friends with transgender actress Tommy Dorfman with whom he went on a trip in 2020, which news fueled his gay made-up gossip.

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