What Has Lindsey Graham Said About His Sexuality? Is He Gay or Straight?

We’ve seen many TV stars living single lives, but it’s rare to find a famous politician who is a bachelor. You will be surprised to know that in the US, a beloved senator isn’t married, although he is living in his 60s now. 

Lindsey Graham by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We are talking about Lindsey Graham, who is not only a senator but also a lawyer. His singleness put him into interrogations. Fans of Graham began to doubt his sexuality. For many years the influential political person hid the reason for his bachelor life. 

But in an interview with NBC, Graham opened up about his choice of living as a single man. So what could it be? Is Lindsey Graham straight or straight? You will find the answers ahead. Hence keep reading till the end. 

Lindsey Graham Avoided Speaking About His Sexuality as a Senator

Lindsey Graham is a politically influential and respected senator. He is also a lawyer; hence he is always careful about his acts and talks.

As a Senator, Graham doesn’t talk roughly about practical issues like LGBTQ. He ensures to keep both straight and gay people in his support. 

In order to ensure he doesn’t believe in gender discrimination, Lindsey never revealed his sexuality label. There is no interview record on the internet where he admitted to being straight.

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But that also doesn’t mean he is gay. As mentioned, we believe Lindsey hides his sexuality because it can indirectly create gender discrimination. 

Lindsey Graham Couldn’t Get Married for His Responsibilities for His Sister

Lindsey Graham’s bachelor life became another big reason why some people think he could be homosexual and is not into women. But the reality is entirely different. As he is the only bachelor senator in the US, he was asked several times about it. 

Seven years ago, NBC News had an exclusive interview with Lindsey Graham, where we finally got to know the reason for his single life. The interview was “Lindsey Graham On Life As A Single Man On The Trail.” 

The Interviewer, Abby Huntsman, asked, “Why are you still a bachelor? I feel like you would have several options.” Lindsey Graham answered, “Well, you know, at the end of the day, life goes by pretty quickly. My parents died when I was 22, responsibility for my sister. I’ve had a good life, and you know it’s okay to be single.” 

Abby Huntsman questioned, “You want to get married?” Lindsey Graham replied, “You know, I don’t know. At the end of the day, it’s not that I have closed that possibility, but I shouldn’t have to explain that choice. You know, What I should do is here’s who I am, and Lindsey Graham is a pretty good guy.” 

He later added, “You know, it’s okay to be single.” So this was the primary reason Lindsey Graham did not get married or have a child. He is a great brother who dedicated his adult life to helping her sister grow. It’s clear now Lindsey Graham’s sexuality is straight. 

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Final Words

Lindsey Graham is the only senator of the USA who is a bachelor in his 60s. He didn’t marry in his entire life and also had no kids. For being single for all these years, most followers think he is secretly gay. 

But after an exclusive interview, many finally learned Lindsey Graham is heterosexual and not homosexual. He is a great guy who chose responsibility for his only teenage sister and does not love life. He doesn’t regret it and believes Americans are okay with having a bachelor senator.

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