Is Robert Pattinson Gay or Bi? His Sexuality and Dating History

Since Robert Pattinson played a gay character in “Little Ashes,” rumors regarding his sexuality have never completely faded. 

A close look at Robert Pattinson's sexuality and dating life. Let's see whether he's gay, bi, or straight.
Robert Pattinson by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

For all these years, he had the chance to share his actual label with his audience, but it seems the actor is careless about it. 

Still, Pattinson left us with many clues through which we can easily assume his true identity. Is Robert Pattinson gay or straight? We have dug into his private life, and here’s the result. 

Robert Pattinson Has Been Mute About His Sexuality

The Batman actor knows his fans are too curious to see if he is straight or gay, yet he chooses to remain silent. Over the past years, many reporters have tried to hear his sexual orientation from him. 

But Pattinson didn’t speak about it with anyone. Moreover, he shares almost nothing about sexuality on his social media accounts. 

Since he hasn’t come out to the public, we all need to calm down and believe he is straight. Because if he were gay, he would have dated at least one man. When we checked his dating history, we found him dating females only. 

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Robert Pattinson Has Been Romantically Involved With Different Female Celebrities

A dashing actor like Roberts Pattinson rarely stays single. The best thing about the “Twilight” movie actor is he never hides his love life from fans. The actor loves to let the world know who he is dating. 

The actor of “Tenet” had 4 open relationships in the past and one at present with Suki Waterhouse. He was rumored to have several prominent female stars, but Pattinson never verified those. Here’s the list of his affairs. 

Nina Schubert

His first open affair was with an ordinary lady named Nina Schubert. Robert was not familiar then. They began dating after meeting at London Drama School. The relationship lasted for three years till they were studying together. In 2006 their long-distance romance ended. 

Nikki Reed 

Both Nikki and Pattinson have worked in the Twilight movie. That’s how the couple met, and they began dating. Their romance lasted for some months and ended after Robert Pattinson started dating Kristen Stewart in the same year. 

Kristen Stewart

Robert and Kristen’s fans dreamt about them dating. That became true. They were a couple not only in Twilight but also in real life. For four years, they were a strong couple. 

In 2013 Stewart shocked Robert after getting photographed kissing Rupert Sanders. This pissed Pattinson off, and as a result, they broke up. 

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After ending everything with Kristen Stewart, “The Batman” actor went into another serious affair with actress and singer FKA TWIGS in 2014. 

After 6 months of romance, they got engaged. Robert’s fans didn’t like him with TWIGS, so their journey of love ended. 

Suki Waterhouse 

British actress Suki is Pattinson’s present girlfriend. They have been in a severe affair since 2018. Currently, they are living together in London. 

Robert Pattinson’s relationship timeline is enough to clear all the gay rumors about him. His co-artist Taylor Lautner also faced gay rumors.

His Role as Salvador Dali Fueled Gay Rumors

In 2008 a movie of Pattinson’s was released. Its name is “Little Ashes.” Robert played the role of Salvador Dali, and it was a gay character. He was a Spanish artist in the film and eventually fell for Javier Beltran, who played the character of writer Frederico Garcia Lorca. In that movie, they kissed “gay s*x.” 

It was the primary reason people doubted Robert Pattinson’s sexuality. However, later, confusion was removed after he went into a long-term relationship with Kristen Stewart. Still, some people who suddenly watch the movie Little Ashes can’t help but recheck Robert Pattinson’s sexuality. 

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Final Words

Robert Pattinson’s breakthrough in the entertainment industry was with his Twilight film. He portrayed a vampire’s character so accurately that he soon became globally popular. 

With his rising fans, queries related to his label of sexuality were increasing. It’s still a big question, “is Robert Pattinson gay, bi, or straight?” It became a burning question after he played a gay character in the film “Little Ashes.” 

His real-life romance is the reflection of his sexual interest. Since he is only into women from the beginning, we can say Robert Pattinson is heterosexual.

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