Is Terry Crews Gay? His Sexuality and Married Life Details

Terry Crews is a versatile actor. His acting skills are worthy of praise. Since he likes to play different roles, he acted as a gay in Friday After Next. Since the movie was released, Terry Crews’ supporters have been wondering if he is also gay in reality.

Terry Crews isn't gay but straight by sexuality.
Terry Crews and Will Smith by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

To learn about his actual sexuality, you need to go through the entire article. We’ve double-checked his past affairs and current love life to conclude. Here’s everything you should learn about Terry Crews’sexuality.  

Terry Crews’ Gay Roles are to be Blamed for His Losing Reputation

Stars hate rumors, but gossip will never leave them. Rumors regarding sexuality are hated the most by celebrities. It’s because sexuality matters a lot and can ruin a star’s reputation. Terry Crews is thought to be gay by some fans. 

Why? Because he played gay characters twice. Although he indeed acted as a different sexual person, it doesn’t make him that. To consider him a same-s*x lover, Terry Crews has to come out officially. Since he is not gay, he hasn’t come out. 

You’ll understand his sexual orientation clearly if you check his personal life. But before we give you the complete details of his sexual interest, let’s look at movies in which Terry Crews played gay roles. 

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These Movies Feature a Gay Terry Crews

There is generally one film where Crews worked as an utterly gay man. But there’s also a film where he is straight but gives gay vibes. We will tell you about all these pictures. 

Friday After Next 

This film was released in 2003. Terry Crews works here as a gay man who is an ex-convict. His name is Damon in the film. He is romantically attracted to Money Mike (another male character), who is actually actor Katt Williams. 

White Chicks 

White Chicks is full of thrill and exciting movies. But it also has funny scenes. In one funny scene, Latrell Spencer (Terry Crews) acted girly.

Which totally gave gay vibes, and so that scene is considered one of his gay scenes. This film was released in 2004. 

Terry Crews’ Personal Life Suggests that He is Straight

Terry Crews is straight, and you will instantly stop doubting his sexual orientation after knowing about his marriage life. Yes, you heard that right, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’s actor has been married for many years. 

Before marrying, he ensured to date the lady for an extended period. He married his lover Rebecca King-Crews in 1990.

The duo has been an intense couple since then. It’s been 33 years of their married life. The couple has 5 lovely children. 

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Azriel Crews 

Azriel Crews is the first child of the couple. She drew her first breath in 1990 when the couple got married. She is currently an actress, writer, and singer. She acted in ‘Katy Keene’ and the ‘Family Crews.’ 

Naomi Burton-Crews 

Naomi is the second daughter of the pair. She was born in 1991. There is only a little information about her. She stays away from media attention. 

Tera Crews

The Couple’s third child is also a daughter. Her family welcomed Tera in 1999. She also ensures to keeps herself away from the limelight. Hence, there’s no more verified data about her. 

Wynfrey Crews 

Their fourth child is Wynfrey Crews. Terry and Rebecca King-Crews welcomed the child in 2004. 

Isaiah Crews 

Isaiah has become an actor like his father. He was born on 27th June 2005. He acted in several TV shows, including Side Hustle and The Family Crews, and worked as a voice actor in Slime Cup. 

Final Words

The great actor Terry Crews is misunderstood as gay by many of his supporters. His films White Chicks and Friday After Next created all the confusion. 

However, Terry’s long-term fans know he is straight. The actor has been married to a lady since 1990 and became the biological father of 5 children.

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