Is Joe Keery Gay or Bi? Everything About His Sexuality

Joe Keery is a common name in the Google search box. Every day many crazy fan girls of Joe are searching to know more about him, especially his sexuality. 

What's Joe Keery's actual sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Joe Keery by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The reason for doubting his sexual orientation is a film where he played a gay role. Being a great actor, he did a fabulous job and left his fans puzzled by his sexuality. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know the correct information on whether Joe Keery is gay, bi, or straight. Please look at the article to discover the Truth because we’ve gone through his private life. Here we go. 

Is Joe Keery from ‘Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party’ Gay or Bi? 

If you got to know about Joe Keery recently, the possibility is that you know him from the ‘Stranger Things’ series. If you’re female, you must have a crush on him; he is, after all, that charming. 

But if you’ve also seen the actor in ‘Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party,’ you probably are doubting Joe Keery’s sexuality. It’s because he played a gay character named Gabe. He is attracted to his friend Henry. 

The scenes were so realistic that anyone has a chance to mistake Joe as gay in real life. But in reality, your crush Keery is not gay.

The guy has been entirely in love with a lady for years. Moreover, he never announced his sexuality as homosexual. If you’ve heard any news of him being gay, that’s a lie. 

Joe Keery is Straight and Has a Girlfriend

Joe Keery is straight. He has been dating another female actress for 6 years. Joe Keery and Maika Monroe met on the ‘After Everything’ movie’s set where both starred. 

They began working for the film in 2017 and have been a couple since then. Although Maika and Keery don’t show off their affair on social media, they ensure to attend events and award shows together. 

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The ‘Free Guy’ actor freely discussed his romance with Maika to GQ. Their romance went deep during the COVID-19 pandemic when they lived together during quarantine. Joe realizes that she is the one that he truly loves. 

In the interview, he said, “Over quarantine, it was like we spent so much time together, which was rare. That’s one of the disadvantages of dating someone else in the industry. There are advantages as well: somebody who kind of understands what’s going on with you in a pretty deep way. But yeah, I think she’s like me. She doesn’t take it all too seriously.”

They are still a couple in 2023 and always try to get along whenever they get free. Joe and Maika ensure to date openly. With the end of their love life information, you should be explicit about his grand orientation. 

Final Words

Did you ever think that Joe Keery could be gay after finding him playing the role of Gabe in ‘Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party’? It’s okay if the answer is yes because several people got confused. 

But after you took a detailed look inside Joe Keery’s private life, you should have no more doubts about his sexual label.

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The Stranger Things actor has been publicly dating actress Maika Monroe which is more than enough to remove any doubts and confusions you had.

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