Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay? Why Is His Sexuality Doubtful?

If you’re here to know Nicholas Galitzine’s sexuality, you probably have seen him in various queer roles, including gay and bisexual. This is the reason most fans doubt his sexual orientation.

The truth about British actor Nicholas Galitzine's sexual orientation.
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But whatever you see in the films is not valid in reality. Although Nicholas Galitzine played many queer characters in different films, it appeared that he is straight in real life? 

Want to know how we discovered this? Go through the entire article to learn. 

Nicholas Galitzine Has Played Several LGBT Characters

If a person starts to believe Nicholas Galitzine is gay, it would be expected because many people consider him homosexual. 

The actor has played several gay, bisexual, and queer roles and thus making his fans doubt his sexual orientation. Let’s learn about the films in which Nicholas Galitzine was an LGBT Character. 

Handsome Devil

This film’s story is based on two boys who are rugby players. One is a great player, and the other one isn’t. Nicholas played the role of Conor Masters, a rugby player but a closeted gay. The movie was released on the 21st of April, 2017. 

Red, White & Royal Blue 

This is all about LGBT romance. Here Nicholas Galitzine acted as a gay who’s name was Prince Henry. The story is based on two royal family gay guys who are having a relationship. The movie was released in 2019. 

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The Craft: Legacy

The Craft: Legacy film was released on 28th January 2021. It’s a story of power and witchcraft. Galitzine is Timmy in the film, and he is bisexual there. Sadly the picture got little attention and praise as expected. 


Bottoms is a queer comedy film, and the story is about two queer students from high school and their romance. You will find Galitzine in the film. 

Nicholas Galitzine Has Never Recognized Himself As a Gay 

The ‘High Strung’ actor has never recognized himself as homosexual. He has always avoided speaking about sexuality. Such behavior is pretty understandable. 

Since he is often chosen for playing LGBT roles, he wouldn’t share his sexuality label to miss future opportunities. 

Although he remains tight-lipped about it, we believe Nicholas Galitzine is heterosexual as he didn’t announce himself as gay or bisexual. 

Final Words

Nicholas Galitzine has made a special place in the entertainment industry by playing many queer roles. His realistic acting is the reason for picking him to play gay and bisexual characters. 

He appeared in so many gay movies that fans began to think he was homosexual in real life. But it seems he is not since he didn’t announce himself as gay or bisexual.

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Is Nicholas Galitzine married? 

Nicholas Galitzine is more focused on his career. After breaking up with Sofia, the actor didn’t go into another open relationship or get married. He is unmarried and single. 

Does Nicholas Galitzine have a child? 

Nicholas Galitzine has no child. He has dated some high-profile women but has not tasted parenthood with any of them. 

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